Discussion: New Federal Dietary Guidelines May Take Environment Into Account

Discussion for article #231594

The amount of meat required to meet the increasing demand worldwide is unsustainable, as the meat industry exists currently. The amount of meat westerners consume is unsustainable to a person’s long-term health. Add these two together and it makes a lot of sense to curb meat consumption.

Modern farms producing wheat and corn and other “‘heart healthy’ whole grains” are unsustainable. They rely on massive government subsidies, fossil fuels, petroleum derived fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, fresh water irrigation from limited and diminishing resources, and much more. Their carbon output is massive.

Pastured livestock, smartly herded, feeding on native grasses watered by rain, readily convert useless cellulose into useful and tasty protein and fat, sustainably.

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Bring on the Quorn and Nutria!!