Discussion: NBC: Top Trump Campaign Official Sam Clovis Testified To Mueller Grand Jury

Squeal like a piggy…


He’d probably do so for a trip to Sizzler


So they put him in a setting where he was under oath – without revealing how much they already knew about this thanks to Papadopolous’ cooperation – and allowed him to perjure himself so they’d potentially have charges to dangle over him? That’s how I’m reading that, anyway. Nice! Work their way up the chain

I wouldn’t take a bet that he didn’t lie somewhere in that testimony


Someone from Mueller’s Office needs to copiously and publicly thank these small fish for their extensive cooperation. Just to make sure Rump gets pissed off and doesn’t pardon the bastards.

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Tic Tock . . . Tic Tock . . . . Tic Tock . . . .here comes the crock!

Toesing’s refusal to discuss it tells me that he likely perjured himself and she has to find out just what he lied about. That would be yet another indictment for lying to authorities. We’re gonna need a flow chart to keep track of all the players.


The man is up to his eyebrows in the Russian Hacking and the Trump campaign. How in hell is he in a position to even be thought of as a cabinet member. This administration is nothing but Corrupt. Draining the Swamp, hell Trump just expands it deeper and wider every day.


Mueller better hurry up before Clovis eats all the evidence!! Maybe it’s too late!!

I really wish TPM would stop showing pics of Sam Clovis. He gives me such a hankerin’ for a breaded pork cutlet sandwich.


So does the GOP senate turn a blind eye and confirm this guy anyhow?


If you stuck a pin in him, he’d explode, but whatever he’s done with or w/o Papa won’t stop the senate from confirming him.

@mkposs Funny you should ask.

You’ll know for sure if Clovis fucked up when you hear Sarah Humpback Sandcrab state, “We have complete confidence in Sam Clovis.”.


…except Sam don’t have “perty lips”.

a person with first-hand knowledge of the matter told NBC News.

Mueller has run a pretty tight ship, so I suspect that this is an intentional leak.

It’s only Tuesday.


Just saw that Josh has posted an article in the Editor’s Blog titled, “Ummm … What’s Up With Sam Clovis?”
Well, Josh, besides the fact that he has 37 double chins, man boobs the size of Cincinnati, Ohio, and the ethics of a Gestapo officer, it seems like he’s just another fine, upstanding Trump motherfucker.


isn’t she the lawyer for Sessions’ gag order informant re: Uranium?

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Probably the defense attorney, off the record


“Toensing told NBC that the campaign strictly prohibited staffers from making trips abroad on behalf of the campaign, but that Papadopoulos would have been allowed to do so in his capacity as a private citizen.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Would you like a side of lies with your sophistry? Again, this shit doesn’t pass the giggle test.

And WTF, TPM. How can you report this without at least some coverage of who Toensing is? I mean, fuck, her involvement actually undermines the credibility of all sorts of shit.


mkposs, it’s a qualification as far as Republicans are concerned.

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