Discussion: National Review Warns GOP: Be Careful Not To Actually Govern

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Let’s assume Democrats decided to support tax cuts for the rich.

What would be the point of the GOP? What differentiates them other than tax policy?

Well, I suppose there is environment, economy, etc.



Country first?


Do not govern! Wait until we have a winger president! Only then can we turn American into a theocracy. Except for the 1%er overlords–they can rape and pillage to their stone hearts content.


It’s a trap just elect Jeb Bush president and he will help to moderate everything!!


And now for the Catch-22. . .

If the GOP governs and tries to do what they have said they want to do, they will end up pissing people off and be vulnerable in two years.

If the GOP governs and tries not to do what they have said they want to do, they will end up pissing people off and be vulnerable in two years.

If the GOP fails to govern, the country falls further apart, pissing people off and they will be vulnerable in two years.

Now…the Dems need to get off their backsides AND FIGHT FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN!


You have to actually believe in governing, and strive for excellence in government, before you can actually take up the responsibility.

Republicans don’t believe in government, and have used every opportunity to demonstrate just how bad governance can be. Why don’t they just give up and let the subject matter experts run the show? Oh yeah, graft and greed. I keep forgetting.


Excellent…please do nothing…this demography of the 2016 electorate is
going to different form this whiter older 2014 electorate…


This is the 2014 equivalent of “Our #1 goal is to make Obama a one-term president”.

"Don’t govern – and blame it on the niCLANG.


“After soaking up all the glory of the 2014 GOP wave, the editors of the
conservative National Review issued a stern warning to Republicans:
getting too much done could come back to haunt you.”

So “be careful what you wish for is live and well” GREAT!!!


I agree with number one only.
Number two on your list: they can just keep vamping, spreading fear, etc. Let’s face it- fear works.
Three: works in their favor: a country falling apart works to authoritarian advantage.
National review is right. If they just keep blaming the Black Guy their future looks bright.
They can bide their time time for a republican president. Then it’s seriously game over. Smart strategy. Cynical as hell, but lets not kid ourselves. Democrats could read up on Machiavelli a bit more.


Intransigence is the new governance.


SOMEone has to stay to hand over the commonweal to their friends…

Obama has a ace up his sleeve, the Presidential Veto!


Why would you want to govern if you can continually jerk the Overton window of acceptable discourse ever rightward with the feckless assistance of the “both sides do it” media?

You can pass a conservative healthcare bill that spoonfeeds profits to the insurance industry, decimate the government workforce and with it any chance of providing stimulus that helps workers, maintain a bloated and corrupt defense establishment etc etc etc.

Why govern when you can do all that and blame the downside on Democrats? That’s a win/win for Republicans.


This advice is similar to what the Dems followed in 2006. Win, then contain the damage without going balls out. However, I don’t see these rabid weasels doing that at all.


Nothing new here. Other than a couple issues they simply have to push to make their base happy, they will largely spend the next 2 years pretending to govern, passing legislation that the Dems can’t possibly support but which is superficially designed to appear reasonable. It will be a complete shelling with poison pills. The MSM will then pretend that the GOP/Teatrolls are being oh so reasonable and trying so hard to govern in good faith and with compromise but those evil, naughty Dems won’t even let them have their chance after earning a mandate in the 2014 election. We’ll even be treated to some hollering about how this all proves that “the past 6 years of obstruction was all really the Dems’ faults and this proves it.” Folks like Gergen and Borger are already writing the outlines for their opinion articles that say exactly that.


It’s actually three separate groups of people that they’ll end up pissing off, though. If the GOP fails to deliver on their promises, their oligarchical backers are going to be upset and they’ll pull funding (which has happened in the past). If the GOP fails to govern and the country continues to fall apart, they’re at risk of losing the people in the middle even more.

The problem is that the Dems have to capitalize on this, and so far, they haven’t.


The GOP will once again foolishly insist that the election results gives them a mandate to do what the “american people want” and demand unconditonal surrender regarding their policies and legislative efforts.