Discussion: Nancy Pelosi Promises More Influence For Junior Democrats

I have long been a supporter of Pelosi, but it’s time to step aside. We need new leadership and fresh faces. This is not a criticism of her leadership; it’s just a fact of life.


Her challenger is an unqualified idiot. He’d throw people of color, women, and the LGBT+ (especially the T) under the bus in some quixotic attempt to win the hearts of the white working class. NO. FUCK NO.

And, I might add, if Senate Dems don’t put up a fight at Sessions’ confirmation hearing they can expect to see African American turnout decline further. And they’d deserve it.

I’m honestly ignorant as to his votes or published opinions on those issues. If you have any good links to read I’d appreciate it. I was leaning towards a change in leadership and what he’s said in recent interviews didn’t make it look - to me, anyhow - like he was an unqualified idiot. But I want to become better educated about Ryan by reading your evidence. Thanks in advance.


He was pro-life and then flipped. He got several As from the NRA and a 79% in 2012 before switching on that, too. He looks good in on paper regarding other issues but considering he doesn’t really need to justify his votes in a Republican-dominated House it’s hard to tell whether he’d maintain those stances if they had a real chance of passing. I think he’d hold the line for Ls and Gs, for instance, but abandon Ts regarding military budgets or similar areas he thinks he could work with Trump. And I don’t think he has the experience to take up the fight for voting rights or popular government programs like Medicare/SS.

I have long been a supporter of Nancy Pelosi, and believe that the Democrats will need her leadership in the legislative battles to come. However, I also believe that Democrats are capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time, so to speak, and can put people in positions of influence to help craft policy directed at those who do not vote Democratic but should. We need EVERY vote in place for the 2018 midterms.

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I haven’t trusted Pelosi since she told us Obama’s cut to Social Security cost-of -living adjustments was not a cut. Let’s try Ryan, at the very least he hasn’t lied to us yet.

i should clarify that I don’t know him and am not suggesting she step aside for him. But she can find a fresh face and anoint an acceptable successor. Part of the job of any leader is to groom the next generation.

Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburn are 76, and Steny Hoyer is is 77. That is just not acceptable.


Yeah, the Democrats need to have a credible policy response moving forward. For instance, why is there no tax overhaul plan authored by either House Democrats or the Senate. I mean a top to bottom revision to make the code more progressive and eliminate unfair loopholes? For years Republicans have been trotting out their flat tax plans with reduced tax brackets as a “fairness” policy when we all know it isn’t. I am still waiting for a Democratic response that points to a plan with even more brackets and reform of deductions to counter this.


Pelosi should have had some skin in the succession planning game long before two weeks ago. Ryan does skew younger but we need a broader array than he can bring in himself. Maybe Keith Ellison insted?