Discussion: Muslim Communities Across US Left With No Place To Bury Their Dead

“A lot of people moved here because it’s peaceful and quiet. I just don’t want a cemetery here, period. Any kind of cemetery. It doesn’t matter what kind.”

Well, I guess I can see her concern after all cemetery residents are known for their loud parties and raucous dance numbers.

And who hasn’t heard the common saying “As loud and disturbing to public peace as the grave.”


“A lot of people moved here because it’s peaceful and…” ha - beat me to it!


Do they ever listen to themselves?


“Religious Freedom”

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“Similar sentiments have been expressed by people in communities around the country where Muslim cemeteries have been proposed.”

“We, the white G-d fearing citizens of Rock Ridge wish to express our extreme displeasure with your dead loved ones. Please remove them immediately!”


Diane Piwko, a Farmersville resident and business owner, said she worries the cemetery — proposed for prime property overlooking a lake — won’t be maintained and will become an eyesore at the entrance to the city.

I kind of laugh at this statement, heard it before. The planning board actually would not go along with a planned cemetary for this reason but did approve a Southern Baptist cemetery on an adjacent 25 acres in Upstate NY. Some 5 years later the SB cemetery had not been built and the property was an unkempt eyesore. As for the Muslim cemetery it was approved after the courts ordered reconsideration and is a well kept parklike setting. A 3rd cemetery of about 40 acres has been another neighbor for over 75 years and accepts all faiths. In 2003 I buried my youngest there just on one side of the property line fencing from the Muslim property.


And not embalming is dangerous to the water supply. I wonder what other myths they can put together. Isn’t there something about the bones of christian children?

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Huckabee, Cruz etc: Religious freedom only applies to Christians, especially white Christians.


“I grew up here. It’s farmland, and I’d like to see it stay that way,”

Just another field, but o what they planted there. (Peter Straub)


I guess that ol’ ‘religion freedom’ is really just ‘Christian freedom’ gussied up.


I applaud these bold citizens for taking a stand against a future America overrun by zombies shambling in strict accordance with Sharia law.


“I am not basing any of my decision on why I’m against the cemetery on religion,” she said. “I base it on bad business practices.”

“Fulla shit you are”, says Master Yoda.