Discussion: More Than Half The Republicans In Tossup Races Aren't On DACA Discharge Petition

TL;DR - Republicans hate brown people.

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Grab a shovel, boys, your Dear Leader is gonna need a bigger hole

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Mimi Walters is probably feeling feisty on account of her getting 50+% of the vote in the jungle primary last week.

Aside from his obvious feelings, Rohrbacker surving his primary means that he can talk -sh-- about being a winner.


I wanna use that “no such thing as a perfect politician”, but man alive, she really needs to sign that paper.

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Culbertson and the others still live in fear of the base, regardless of the overall makeup of their districts. The rest of the Texas delegation and the hardliners here in Texas would attack him unmercifully if he dared put a foot out of line.

No DACA road to citizenship NO WALL…

No flyover republican is EVER going to vote for a rep who wants immigrants to be given a road to citizenship…43 tried it

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They’re going all-in on their Trump Lover strategies. How I would LOVE to see these suck-up pols repudiated at the ballot box.