Discussion: More on Impeachment

When should impeachment begin? Should it be right now or at a future date?

What is the next step, after the Senate trial ends as expected?

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The threat of impeachment won’t scare Trump, he’ll count on Mitch to shield him so Trump can nominate more federal judges than anyone else in the history of our country. What it may take to get Trump to resign is a deal where if he steps down then he has immunity from prosecution, and to that I say hell no.
What’d I’d like to see the is the committees doing their investigations, uncovering more crimes and illegal transactions so that state AG’s can start criminal procedures in their respective states. I want there to be so many cases that the RNC and it’s donors can’t afford to cover Trump’s legal expenses. I want these investigations to look at Kushner and Ivanks, the Dumb and Dumber brothers, and that the only Trump siblings that aren’t facing indictments is Barron and Tiffany. I want to hear Marla tell Tiffany, “See I was right about your father.”

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I’m still calculating how many possible future chess moves it would be wise to
formulate thereby assuring a sense of comfort …

I haven’t thrown a tribal Republican opponent into the mix yet —

I’m hoping that will bring down the number … a tad ----

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