Discussion: Mom Thanked Jesus After NYC Chokehold Homicide Ruling

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Death Penalty for any cop involved.

It’s time to stop treating these so-called cops like they are above the law, or this shit will continue.

New York does not have the death penalty.

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Sorry for your loss, but don’t thank je sus dumb ass!!

Thank the NYC medical examiner!!!

The president of the police union, Patrick Lynch, said that if Garner “had not resisted the lawful order of the police officers placing him under arrest, this tragedy would not have occurred.”

Guess what, broseph… People are, at times, going to resist arrest for any number of reasons. I’m surprised that someone who has been in the field long enough to ascend to the presidency of the police union hasn’t had enough exposure to real people in confrontational situations to note this pretty elemental characteristic of human nature. Must be some power-player’s kid or something. Anyway, it’s not a green light to kill someone. That’s not how your justice system is supposed to work either. We wouldn’t sentence someone to death in court for the crime of resisting arrest. Thanks for your tit-for-tat aphorism, but you can keep it. In fact, you probably should have just kept quiet. It’s pretty revealing, as it shows the bizarre, outsized nature of your reasoning, equating the crime of resisting arrest with the punishment of death, as well as the callousness you feel towards the victim’s family.


Thanks be to science.
For being true to yourself.
All through thick and thin.

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Whoa there, Pol Pot.

Let’s keep it together.
Any by together, I mean let’s not sanction the killing of people.
Let your passion for the issue push the boundaries of your activism, not those of your principles.


I don’t get it. Jesus was in the medical examiner’s office but not at the crime scene?

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Man does Al Sharpton make me shake my head. Such a spotlight seeking opportunist.
It’s sad because no matter how honest and needy a situation is, their stance is degraded just a bit in my mind by the presence of Sharpton.
I do gotta hand it to him though - he has stuck it out for the long-con and done very well for himself.

And boy was he more fun when he was tracksuit and big jewelry wearing, fat Al Sharpton.

Eric Garner died saying “Please stop harassing me I haven’t done anything” He was not defying a “lawful” order, because there was nothing lawful about the law officers. They are classic Brown Shirts. We are re-living 20th Century fascism with Blacks, Muslims and Mexicans playing the roles of Jews, left wingers and Gypsies. As the Nazis had to give up eventually, so will the US White Supremacists. We will learn from history, no matter how thick-headed some of those in power continue to be.

I’m sure a lot of us were more fun when we were younger and wore crazy outfits and big jewelry and did things without thinking enough. That doesn’t mean we have nothing to say today. I’m not sure why Al Sharpton was more fun when he was fat, though. Can you explain that?

Now not clownish enough to be dismissed out of hand?

I’m sure Jesus is as fine a mystical apparition as they come, but doesn’t it seem that he was a bit tardy in this instance?

You call the grieving mother a “dumb ass”? There’s a dumb ass here all right, but it isn’t the grieving mother. Dumb ass.

Nah. I actually think if he kept up with the flamboyant-ish stuff I’d respect him more. It’s truer to his general person, imo. It’s the tame hair and mainstream nice suits of more recent times that are actually the costumes here.

The thing is, I’m usually on the same side as him on issues he get’s involved with. He’s just never seemed sincere to me and always come off as not doing what he does for the greater good but merely for personal gain and fame.

This article/situation for example; There’s no reason for Sharpton to be at the microphones with that poor lady - he’s not her personal friend, he’s not a lawyer - but he glommed onto her terrible situation and now he’s in the spotlight (taking some of it away for himself).

Nope. I just liked the fat version more.
Of course it’s unhealthy and losing weight was the smart thing for his health but that doesn’t mean I can’t prefer fat Al.

And I don’t think anyones appearance dictates whether or not they have something to contribute to society or specific issues - nor did I claim anything like that in my original comment.
And my thoughts on Sharpton are proof; I think he demeans issues (and people) he attaches himself no matter his what he looks like - this, even though I’m usually on the same side as him in such situations.