Discussion: Mizzou Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Posting Online Threats Against Black Students

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Seemingly once a week someone commits a crime (threatening murder, violence, terrorism) via the internet on a social network, e-mails, etc., and gets caught after law enforcement traces it to the source. These apprehensions are made public, hit the airwaves on news shows and police press releases. And the next week a person issues threats anyway. Will it ever sink in with these idiots they’ll likely get caught? This kid’s life is ruined, at least for a few years, as this will be a blot on his résumé he’ll be hard pressed to live down or explain. He’s screwed. At 19. Idiot.

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As you say, he is an idiot. He was pretty much already screwed.

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It started when this kid was11. Our politics marginalized whole groups of people, one being the Blacks when Obama ran.

It will continue.

Thinning the herd. Except for the lone wolves that actually follow through I’m all for these knuckleheads outing themselves early, before they earn positions of authority in government or the private sector and make the lives of others a living hell via various pathologies.


This is heritage not hate.


So a lot of this most recent stuff was one guy saying one thing horrible online and then everyone else blew it up by re-posting it?

He got arrested because they need to determine if his posted public statement falls under the “Hate Crime Laws”. Since his statement was “targeted” to a specific ethnicity, race, sex, etc., could be a violation under current laws. So with that said, I’m glad the young racist lad got arrested before he could potentially cause harm to others!

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I’m sure that if you asked this kid if he considered himself to be a racist, he would say no.


Just wait until this bunch of angry, anti-government, armed “activists” grow up and make militias. By then, they’ll be way beyond purifying college campuses.

Think you’ll be conservative enough for them, Republicans?

It’s Obama’s fault for dividing the country. By occupying the White Man’s House.