Discussion: Missouri Police Department Apologizes For Transgender Tweets On Patrol

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Really? That was easy. But so much harder for some police departments and their unions to apologize for enacting the death penalty against citizens without due cause?


I don’t know I didn’t see any blatantly offensive comments being made. What I see is a casual conversation going on and surprise that what they thought was a female prostitute was actually a man. It’s a reaction I think anyone would have given the same circumstance’s. I don’t know maybe I missed something. Even the suggestion that Sonic was hiring didn’t seem all that offensive to me. Did I miss something?


When do we get to see the offensive tweets?


I think the point is that it shouldn’t matter one fucking bit. The fact that they take special notice of it raises concerns that they take special action because of it.

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Nope, a transgender woman is NOT actually a man. She is a woman, full stop. Her biological sex is no one’s business except those she chooses to share it with. That and the assumption the woman was a prostitute are two obvious reasons the tweets were offensive.

Transgender Tweets

If I start to notice any curious or absent genitalia on my tweets I’m tossing the computer…


If the first part wasn’t offensive, I think the him/her did it.

Just asking here because I’m ignorant, if it was a man in drag what is the proper term for that? I’ve read that transexual and transvestite are not cool with some persons.
The person could have been very passable and the cops were surprised. In any case, not saying the cops weren’t harassing or using foul language/derogatory terms but I’m missing the part that made it so foul.

Prostitution in that community (said that because I don’t wanna offend using the wrong terminology) is an issue since HIV infection rates are extremely high in that same community. Lack of acceptance pushes a portion of that behavior underground too. Sorry if I fucked all that up. Not trying to offend anyone.

I suppose under normal circumstance that would apply but he/she was being treated as a suspect unless I missed my guess so these questions had to be asked and further investigated so what where they supposed to do ignore the fact that what they thought was a woman was really a man and keep it quiet?