Discussion: Missouri Governor Vetoes 72-Hour Abortion Wait

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Abortion “is an irreversible and permanent decision, and taking the time to think about the consequences is not unreasonable or a burden,” Sater, R-Cassville, said in a written statement

Because you’re assuming that no thought was given before this hypothetical woman approached a doctor? Who the hell are you to tell me how much time I have to devote to a decision regarding my body?


I can’t speak for them but I think the assumption is you’ve devoted enough time to the decision when you decide not to get an abortion after all.


…as if women hadn’t thought long and hard about their decision to abort or give up for adoption.


I have a idea, let’s revive one of Saddam’s rape squads and have then rape all the Republican legislators wives and daughters!
Then we’ll wait nine months and see how all those brave, religious Republican legislators like their new babies!
The time has come to start blasting back at the neanderthals in the republican party!
Shucks, let’s throw in the legislators themselves to be sodomized on national TV! If it’s good enough for the women, it ought to be better for the men!

Looks like the term Missouri compromise only applies to slavery.

No surprise that Todd Akin comes from this state.

Sater is the new Akin:

:“Aw, shucks, if you rape them, they oughta stay raped for at least three days after they find out about the pregnancy.”

Part of the terror of rape is the fear of the creation of an unwanted and unloved child. What does he think the women have been thinking about since they were raped?


The most extreme anti-abortionists, including interfering legislators, doctor shooters, clinic bombers, and sidewalk screamers, are almost all men.

This tells you that it has nothing to do with the sanctity of human life, and everything to do with wanting to control women.