Discussion: Minnesota Police Officer Charged With Manslaughter In Philando Castile Killing

Over the years, I’ve been pulled over by police a number of times for traffic violations. I’m white and as best I can recall, I was always guilty of the traffic violation (mostly speeding and rolling a few stop signs).

Never, not once, did any police officer ever ask any passenger in my car to show their ID.

Article could have been written better:

A grand jury determined the white officer who shot Tamir had no way of knowing whether the boy, who was drawing a pellet gun from his waistband, was trying to hand it over or show them it wasn’t real.
It was never determined that the boy was “drawing a pellet gun from his waistband”. Even the police said he was reaching into his waistband, not pulling something out, and that assumes the cop was truthful, and he has a bad reputation to start.

No charges were filed in the death of 18-year-old Brown, who was unarmed, after a grand jury found officer Darren Wilson acted in self-defense. The white officer had said Brown tried to grab his gun during a struggle through the window of the police vehicle and then came toward him threateningly after briefly running away.
It’s not just what the white officer said, it’s what every credible witness said, and it was backed up by all forensic evidence. And is was not just that the grand jury found it was self defense, it was the DOJ and a bunch of FBI agents who did a thorough investigation and issued a lengthy detailed report that determined without a doubt it was self defense. There was no ambiguity, and that is part of the problem of why Trump got elected. Focus on REAL unjustified shootings like Rice, Crutcher and Scott. Michael Brown’s death was tragic, but he left the cop no choice. Backing Brown proved to be a major mistake by activists, it made a legit agenda look like total BS. C’mon man, Wilson was backing up telling Brown to stop while Brown kept charging at him, after Brown had already tried to take his gun. It was self defense.

As to this case, definitely warranted charges. Castile should not have reached for the glove box, but the cop needs to see him try to grab a gun before shooting, or should yell “freeze” when he reaches for the glove box. And if he matched the description of an armed robbery suspect, you would actually stay back behind the door of the police car and yell for him to get out with his hands up. Approaching a potentially armed suspect they way they did made no sense.