Discussion: Millions In Puerto Rico Face Prospect Of Weeks, Months Without Electricity

How much electrical power can a few offshore aircraft carriers put out? I’d imagine quite a bit.

Wow I had to do without power for a week a few years back due to a hurricane so I can’t imagine a month.

Richard Branson is talking about a type of Marshall Plan for the Caribbean which seems really sensible. I hope it happens.

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The US generally has to move on from its fatuous climate change discussion to a more honest discussion of mitigation and adaption (which is already the case in most advanced countries e.g. the Netherlands and even some emerging economies like Vietnam). Puerto Rico was just getting started on its mitigation and adaption strategy, when Maria happened.The comment of @joriep above suggests a Marshall Plan for the Caribbean. I’d extend that to the entire North Atlantic now that we also have changes in the Gulf Stream. Now that would be something for NATO to administer!

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