Discussion: Mike Huckabee To Have Knee Surgery Over Thanksgiving

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All that goose-stepping finally caught up with him.


This is the one thing tht’s been keeping the Huckster from jumping to the top of the charts. Just you watch. By Christmas this Happy Warrior for Christ will be the frontrunner!


Knee surgery from giving all those… Maybe he should’ve worn knee pads when he…Well, Kim Davis is a big girl…Nah, I won’t take the bait.


Must have been the bad knee that made me forget he was still running.


Too much time on his knees praising the lard?


Hey Plucky - did you note the Killer Mike endorsement of Sanders?

Recovery from legitimate knee surgery is not a 4- or 7 or 10 or 14 day event. Many surgical patients are out for a month or more for PT and gentle exercise.

I am thinking this might just be the way he can honorable “bow-out” of campaigning and get back the more lucrative careers of being a Fixed Noise personality and writing a new book, both of which will add millions to his yearly personal income.

Or, we could all hope he simply dies on the operating table, but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

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While he’s there he can get a frontal lobotomy to remove all those hate chips floating around in his skull


I’m sure he’ll still manage to get his full carbo load on turkey day. As will the rest of the brood. Hopefully there’s no farting allowed on the hospital ward.

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does this mean he’ll stop having knee jerk reactions to things?


Or too much anesthesia! Yeah I said it.


Paging Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Ben Carson, please pick up and dial #666. Paging Dr. Benjamin Carson. Dr. Benjamin Carson, please …


While he’s in, maybe he could get a “two-fer” and receive a brain transplant, this time one with intelligence and a sense of empathy.


Those operations, sadly, haven’t been approved yet in the USA. Still in experimental stages in places like Canada and France, who are showing Christian compassion toward Syrian refugees by the tens of thousands. Christian Republicans in America are so filled with that hateful clutter in their heads are just beyond repair in many cases.

He’s moving so far ahead in the race, a little knee surgery won’t set back the Holy Roller!


See my above post, just below yours.

Man it was great. More of that!

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Huckster: “Empathy!!?? What the fuck do you think I am, some pansy??”

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Bingo, bingo, bingo!