Discussion: Michael Steele: 'Lot Of Interest' In Eric Cantor Serving As RNC Chairman

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…buh buh buh

the PreeWuss has done soooooooooooo well in that job.


Now wait… isn’t he unpopular?


Among the Tealiban, but not among the Moneyban.


Why is anybody asking Michael Steele anything? He was an abject failure at the RNC job, and is a laughable clown, generally.

Might be entertaining to see Eric Cantor as the face of the GOP, though.

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I say: Give Cantor the Chair!

I volunteer to flip the switch…no wet sponge for you!!


Gee, a guy with a negative personality to run the RNC? At least Michael Steele can speak and tell the occasional joke. Of course Priebus has stuck his giant feet in his mouth repeatedly. Cantor’s whining voice won’t command a lot of attention, I’ll bet.


I remember when he first started he seemed to be the worst caricature of a bizarro world snake oil salesman. He’s relaxed a little since then.

BAHAHAHA…Michael Steele trolling Reince Preibus…Made my day!!


““In fact I think he’d be interesting because he started dialogues on poverty and some other issues that were sort of outside of what Republicans have traditionally talked about. So he could bring a very interesting voice into that space,” he said.”

No Michael,he is no longer on that stage and he would be I guess a
“rinse” clone.

I have a feeling that Rancid Pubis won’t go quietly—he seems to enjoy putting both feet in his mouth at once.


Steele brings some interesting word salad to the sideshow, but he’s paid to say something. On the other hand Cantor will bring a binder full of catchy branding slogans with him.

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Michael this is self-serving. However use him how ever you want to. A used up tool has salvage value for depreciation. Rere never had value and you limited purpose, at the RNC.

Steele claims he was a success based on raising money and getting people elected. I think that he got man-handled in the press because he was always cheerful when saying dumb things whereas Priebus loaks pained.


But but but…Rancid Putrid is doing such a GREAT job. Why would they want to replace him with such a big loser as Cantor?

“…national chairman…”

The conservative movement calls it “meritocracy”.

Cantor’s epic loss in his district is just the skill and experience the Republican Party needs at the helm, while we know it’s just the 1% watching out for each other under the guise of “opportunity for all”.

Seriously, it was going to be in the job posting: Skills Needed: Must have been inattentive enough to lose an easy race. Knowledge of highly inaccurate sampling preferred.


So their hiring plan is to look for the biggest loser and give him a job.


“Wingnut Welfare” at its finest!

He’s unpopular with a certain base of the party, but he’s also the kind of Wall Street friendly Republican that could bring money in.

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With the upcoming presidential election, there’s a lot of interest in Eric Cantor serving as national chairman of the RNC,"

This is the equivalent of “some people are saying”. Who, exactly, is interested in Cantor being the next chairman? Name names.
It’s very easy to say “there’s a lot of interest”, when perhaps the interest is on Steele’s part only. Because I seriously doubt Steele has an inside track on everything the Republican party or it’s backers are saying or doing now