Discussion: Mich. Gov. Snyder On Flint Water Crisis: 'I Let You Down'

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Like Christie and the bridge closing, this was a calculated decision intended to sacrifice a city at the altar of GOP ideology. “Oops, my bad” isn’t going to make this go away. People should lose their jobs over this at a minimum, and perhaps spend some time in jail.


This speech is the biggest bunch of BS I’ve heard recently. He KNEW that the water was polluted but went ahead anyway. You KNOW they figured in the collateral damage and decided it was worth it. And now ‘I let you down’??? Are you KIDDING ME???


“This is the kind of disaster, the kind of failure to deliver basic services that hurts people’s trust in government,” House Minority Leader Tim Greimel said.

It’s all part of the GOP’s long-range plans. They’ve been trying to make government out to be the boogeyman for 40+ years now.


Open Letter From Earth to Republicans and the Media:

The EPA did not cause this. The only government to blame is Republican ideology of no regulation and the market will take care of things blah, blah, blah. Just like Fannie Mae didn’t cause the housing crisis.


Exactly. Pubbies want you to believe that government made the decisions about the water supply and somehow the people running the government did not make the decisions that caused the problems. Just think if a for-profit and regulation-free entity controlled the water supply in Flint.

Technically you didn’t “let them down”, you "deliberately poisoned them "…


Typical Republican conservatism: don’t pay thousands of dollars to prevent the problem, pay millions (probably to your no-bid contractor buddies) to fix it after you get caught.

He needs to deliberately be thrown in jail. Along with the two “emergency managers” he selected.

I watched the speech last night on a local channel. The Democratic side of the chamber was having none of it. They generally sat in their chairs during most of his address, even when the Republicans in the chamber were standing, clapping and supporting him for his contrition, and all his new-fangled ideas to counteract his fuck-ups. No one really believes this guy will work to solve the problem. Frankly, contrition isn’t enough.

He announced a decision to set up a commission to investigate (convenient huh?), with the idea to directly report back to him by the end of this year to establish what went wrong. This is nothing more than a ruse and delaying tactic. It seems more like a way to avoid holding himself and various other individuals responsible, and hopefully put off accountability, while getting it off the front page. Its Snyder’s blue-ribbon panel of sorts. Its absurd. There will be nothing but lackeys on that commission, I guarantee you.

Also, he announced he would ‘voluntarily’ release his emails on anything related to the Flint water crisis going back to October of 2014. Uh…that’s not good enough by a long shot. Snyder will cherry-pick them, as he is under no obligation to give them all up because no FOIA law exists to make him do so. He will then go on to destroy the rest for all we know, and no one will be the wiser. The crisis began April 2014, but the decision to change over the water source happened in 2013 as part of discussions with the Flint city council, with him directly in the loop, if not leading the effort when it was first suggested under the previous EFM.

Lastly, I was surprised to hear all this nonsense about how the Federal government was partly to blame. It seems to be the latest talking point by the rightwing, looking to protect Snyder and get the fucker off the hook for his poor decision-making and lack of oversight. Right-wingers have been trying to claim that this began because of an inefficient approval process and followup by EPA, in which they were being somehow derelict. The truth is, its not as clear cut as they would have you believe.

When Snyder claims this was a failure at all levels…Federal, State and local levels, he’s fudging the facts. That’s nothing but bullshit and obfuscation. It’s a real stretch to blame EPA for what the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality), the State run agency, that came up with this water-source-changing scheme did. The DEQ reported to Snyder, as did the EFM exclusively. DEQ appears to have minimized the effects, if not flat-out lied to EPA on what looks like more than one occasion, while DEQ was instructed to follow up a certain way by treating the pipes with a non-corrosive element to prevent lead from leaching into the water supply. DEQ chose not to do so, or didn’t follow through as they were told. That’s what I got from reading the reports that were posted at least. Communication was incomplete between the two agencies but that’s not unusual I would think, especially when a State agency is telling the Federal agency everything’s going fine and according to plan.

The EFM and Snyder were concerned with one thing, and that one thing was saving money, most likely due to budget shortfalls. Snyder is an accountant by profession. He’s always used bean-counter measures to run State Government, shifting around pools of money from one source to another and one community to another. I don’t have to tell you that most of the time his priorities to shift money from poor communities to wealthier communities is how he accomplishes that goal. That’s what he and the Republican-led legislature have done since coming into office. Now he’s worried how we’ll pay for the cleanup and the safety measures that are needed, but assures everyone it’ll happen, because now he’s so terribly concerned. Sooo…he announced another commission of sorts, to come up with ways the State will have to find affordable ways to pay for the cleanup and long-term support for the community long after he leaves office. Again, they are to report back to him by the end of 2016…practically 12 months from now. All those tax abatements he gave sure would’ve come in handy had he just collected the business taxes like he should have instead of promising give-aways to friends and donors.

This was a man-made state-level decision resulting in a man-made state-level disaster.

If “the buck stops here” at Snyder’s desk like he claims, giving a speech to give off a few nice sounding soundbites of concern and contrition, isn’t any way to be held accountable. He needs to pay a far greater price for his malfeasance as the Chief Executive of this State. The neglect and apparent moral disregard has been unnerving, and its going on almost two years now. He wasn’t the least bit concerned with his role or the community of Flint until it made National headlines.

Sorry. Rant over.