Discussion: Metro Atlanta 'Up For Grabs' In Georgia Senate Race

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God save the Republic from voters who think business experience is relevant to macroeconomic policy making because the most important thing is balancing the budget right this second.


“I liked the fact that he’s not a politician and he has high-level international business experience,”

Translation: Purdue knows how to import a bunch of Chinese crap for his stores.


I agree with you.

The latest polls show Nunn with a 5 point lead over Perdue, and an 8 point lead over Kingston. The right wing Real Politics website has moved Georgia from likely Republican four months ago to lean Democrat last week. I’m rooting for Kingston to win the Republican runoff as he is a ‘crazy’ fire breathing TP candidate who will be the easier candidate to beat. Kingston has also opened up a big lead over Wall Street Republican Perdue.

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Something I’ve noticed (being in the area discussed) is you cant go 30 minutes without seeing a Kingston commercial. I haven’t seen as many for Perdue. Second thing is Kingston’s commercials read like a list of talking points. Hate Obamacare, hate spending, hate Obama…I dont think that serves him well with this being so close to the November general. Nunn has been keeping her head down. Nothing really about her in local press.

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The only place I might disagree with you on your analysis is that Perdue is a political novice who has already shown he is apt to make gaffes on the fly. Kingston is the more seasoned politician. Either one starts at about the same level…but I have to say they are trying to stake ground so far to the right, these commercials have got to be alienating all the other voters that aren’t to the right of Attila the Hun

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