Discussion: Melania Preaches Compassion, Kindness, Positivity At Conference

to bad unless it is a personal services contract…she doesnt understand what she is reading.
i guess it was time to show off her new face …you can only heal for so long…you know the bleeding and all…funny how guys like closet case rudy…only object to prostitutes …when they are suing his master…

yes…we have come this far…it IS NOT normal.

It’s bad enough to support a proud and overtly racist, bigot, and misogynist, but to stay married to one? The First Lady has zero moral authority.


WTF? SADD? Laugh or cry? “changed their mission”? Evangelicals saving the world!

Reminded of Lyndon Baines Johnson and Long Bien Jail back in '68.

Secretly Adoring Daddy Dictator? 1st coffee, give me a break!


“Squealed” about says it all. Also, “rocked out” to Bieber, Neil Diamond, and Journey. Nice touch, AP.


Orwell says hello from his grave Melania.


#######Be Breast

“Mrs. Trump said she was “inspired” when she first heard about the organization and the conference.”

Yes, Mrs. Trump was “inspired” by her PR team about 15 seconds after she was being shredded for wearing that coat to a children’s detention facility to speak before a conference that no one has heard of and no one gives a fuck about so she could try to gain some sympathy and repair her image by trying to seem like she cares about anyone but herself. But I don’t think it’s going to work. Malignia has never, ever done anything for anyone else in her life. She has no idea what true charity and compassion is, and it shows in spades. Usually, the First Lady has fairly good approval ratings despite how unpopular a President may be, but I think Malignia is going to break that trend. The more people see and know about her, the less they like her, and it is easy to see what a phony she is.

“they rocked out in their seats to music by Justin Bieber, Neil Diamond and Journey”

Yeah, that pretty well tells us about the kind of events that Malignia and the rest of the Trump spawn are going to be reduced to attending.


It appears I have just found the rarest of flowers - a Trump WH (normal) press release. Where’s my pony? (There it is! Oh wait… please… NO! Mr. President? Put. That. Pony. Down!). Never mind.

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I think there is a mistake - her name is spelled Melanoma. :wink:

Every stab she’s made at doing the traditional First Lady job has come off like a vapid beauty-pageant response to those questions about what you’d want to see done about poverty or war. You know, blah blah if everyone would just be nicer to each other and try to understand each other and pet a puppy every day we could have a better world without wars and all the puppies would be safe.


Here is the best explanation for what this reprehensible mail-order phony fuck First Lady and this maladministration is doing right now with these stupid public appearances:

It didn’t work to change the subject by deflection and then claim shock when people were focusing on her sartorial decisions, unsurprisingly, and it won’t do that either with this stupid, counter-programming appearance while cruelty and destruction to families continues to occur on our southern border, either. This isn’t about children for them. This is about changing the subject in desperation. They don’t trot her out for no reason, since she makes so few appearance overall, and by choice. Yet, suddenly, she’s everywhere.

No, this is another example of sheer deflection, since the first go around didn’t work as they had hoped. They thought we’d still be talking about her tone-deafness over her jacket, instead of the policy that made her show up on the border in the first place. Again, she’s hoping we’ll talk about how contradictory this is to policies that affect children, and then play victim by attacking the press for criticizing her while her husband tears apart families. Its continuation of the gaslighting this maladministration is adept at unfortunately…only this time changing the focus off of tearing families apart at the border and wanting to set up indefinite detention centers and internment camps isn’t going to work.


Every time I see Malignia, I think of that great quote from Zsa Zsa Gabor:

“I’ve never hated a man enough to give back his diamonds.”

…and also a quote from Chicago drag queen Miss Chili Pepper:

“No jewels - no rock-and-roll!”

I really don’t think she cares, do you?

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Actually she’s not a phony fuck, she’s a real fuck…really!

“It is far easier to say nothing than it is to speak words of kindness. It is easier to judge quickly than to take time to understand."

Ugh. Once again, Mel, kindness, compassion and positivity begins at home.
Remember that before you go out (and check the mirror with your jacket on before you go out too).

She only not as bad as trump because she’s got no power. Has she explained the jacket yet, how that happened? Didn’t notice the writing on the back? Someone just gave it to her coz it was cold? Coz that sort of thing happens to PResidents and their spouses alllllllll the time, rigth?

yet this is so true.

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Somebody needs to remind Melania, charity begins at home.

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And while the AP story mentions her trip to the detention facility - it doesn’t mention the controversy around her counter message/very unkind/unpositive jacket.

AP - go Cheney yourself.