Discussion: Megyn Kelly Insists That State Dept. 'Stonewalling' Fox News On Hillary (VIDEO)

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Hey, Megan, guess what? Your peroxide won’t get you into heaven anymore.
I really think it’s about time that Josh Earnest walks into the White House Press Room and tells the Fox contingent that they are banned from all press conferences, since they are not a news network. And if CNN and the others are offended by this, they can leave, too. They would probably defend Fox, the same way some of these “journalists” (I’m looking at you, Howard Fineman) defended that asshole Don Imus after his racist comments a few years back. If a Republican President banned a left-leaning network (HA! Like one exists!) for constantly lying about the President and his administration, there wouldn’t be a peep. Besides, banning Fox and telling all Democrats not to appear on the FoxNews Channel would drive the Teabaggers in Congress crazy, and you KNOW how much they fuck up things when they have to deal with more than one “outrage” at a time.


No, dearie, the State Department isn’t stonewalling Fox News. You and Fox News are undermining America.


It’s funny how it’s always FOX news against the world, isn’t it?


Kelly does realize that she’s a celebrity bimbo not a journalist? Sometimes she must get things confused because nobody else on the Faux News network even tries to resemble a news person. Snap out of it, sweetheart. They only hired for your hairstyle and slits up the side of your skirt. You are suppose to act like Sarah Palin not Diane Sawyer.

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Religious persecution and white privilege, as well as the tax persecution?

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At this rate, JD will be stone-walling the National Inquirer next. It’s a slippery slope.

Funny like a hernia.

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Fox submitted Freedom of Information Act Requests for two documents last week.

Surely FOX knows that a week isn’t long enough. If State doesn’t respond within 45 days then FOX might have something to squawk about.

The AP has FOIA requests in that have been delayed 5 years. This is where the fake email story will quickly turn into a real scandal as it appears the law is not being followed.

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Ailes knows that and more.

And his Bottom Line dictates that our hostess, here, throws out Red Meat to the zoo-like denizens.

On schedule, of course.


The “no personal email” policy did not even go into effect until AFTER Hillary left the State Department.
BTW - Has anyone yet seen the minutes of Dick (Dark Master) Cheney and the Oil Companies in 2002?
No? Odd. There has been a FOIA request for those since 2003.
Well, just another IOKIYAR moment.


As noted already Megan, you work for FOX…not FOX News…FOX. Yours is NOT a legitimate news organization. It is a propaganda arm for the GOP.


C,mon everybody let’s pitch in and buy her a brain. Lolol

Meg…no worries …just make shit up and sensationalize it while down playing any information that is not useful in making your case…tried and true approach for you and your colleagues.

“That reference to Louie Gohmert rifling through her emails is a reference to congressional oversight,”

LOL. No. It’s the Crypt Keeper yet again making an offhand, glib comment to set you idiots up for making comments about what he said that make you look stupid.

I find it interesting that Megyn Kelly spells her name with a “y”. I ask myself that question about her every day.

Actually, instead of using the “y” to spell her name, she should spell it “MegWTFn”.

You are either a journalism channel or an entertainment channel. The entertainment channel will get a response when the other important shit is taken care of.