Discussion: Megyn Kelly: Grilling Dick Cheney On Iraq Wasn't 'Terrifying' (VIDEO)

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Oh, FFS. “Grilling”? “Tough questions”?


But the tag team interview with Murdoch and Ailes, that was terrifying.


This woman is a journalist like I’m a beauty pageant contestant.


Yeah, usually after the fourth or fifth take, it’s like taking candy from a baby.

I’m a journalist who has to ask tough questions

Maybe so… but the fact that you have to explain that this is your role should really tell you something about your workplace, Ms. Kelly.


good morning America: here’s some self-serving claptrap to go with your breakfast

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I’m certainly no fan of Megyn Kelly or anybody else on Fox, but can anybody imagine David Gregory on Press the Meat coming remotely close to posing the questions to Cheney that she did?


Faux Not Really News is fair and balanced. They present both the right wing and the far right wing sides to all issues.


One somewhat tough interview on Fox News does not make it fair and balanced. It’s like having an overcast day and claiming that the sun really does rise in the West. See, no sunrise here in the East!

Even Megyn finds it difficult to befriend someone who lacks a heart, a soul, and a conscience – despite the written directive from Ailes encouraging her to warm up to the Malevolent One.

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That’s why they call it “softball”

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Not scary, Meggie?

I’m sure Little Dick Cheeny was sporting a “semi” the whole time.

Dicko’s had soft balls since 1972.

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Gregory doesn’t really press the meat so much as he strokes it.


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Wonder if her questioning would have been different, if the polls showed support for the Iraq war? You can tell Fox’s entire programming is based on polls of their viewers. If they are against something, then Fox is. If they are for something, then Fox is. It’s a nice marketing tool, but it isn’t journalism and Kelly simply executes the game plan. Throw in the bimbo effect and that’s what Fox is.

That doesn’t mean shit b/c even If seemed that she gave ol 5 deferments a hard time cheney was still furnished a platform to repeat the popular GOP talking point at that time that obama is losing everything that they claim they gained in iraq. Lynn knows this and therefore the “praise”

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Yo! trippin

Murdoch’s/Ailes’ interview couch was really, really uncomfortable.

I mean REALLY uncomfortable for the MeGYn.

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She has to keep repeating the motto of Fox “News” so that the viewers get the idea. It’s how propaganda works.

“See, I’m a journalist! See, I ask the tough questions! Never mind what you actually saw - I’m telling you what to think.”

I didn’t realize Seth Myers was such a lame suck-up.