Discussion: Meet The Islamophobes Behind The Mohammad Cartoon Contest

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I’m kind of scratching my head on this one TPM. This kind of has a 'Sandra Fluke is a slut" victim blaming kind of feel to it… These are hateful people, sure, but what is the connect you’re trying to make to the deaths? That anyone who was there was just asking to be shot?


The idiotic violent pro-Islamic assholes who attacked the idiotic bigoted anti-Muslim assholes did the idiotic bigoted anti-Muslim assholes a huge favor by helping the idiotic bigoted anti-Muslim assholes paint Muslims as violent extremists. Ugh and yuck all the way around.


Pam Geller has spent years trying to provoke some (other) unhinged extremist to retaliate… She succeeded… The fault is hers and hers alone…


Well though I agree 100% that Pam Geller is a despicable, bigoted scumbag, I would have to say plenty of fault lies with the gunmen, who, through their violent actions, have just helped Geller and her ilk immeasurably, by providing them with a perfect example of exactly the “violent, Islamic extremist” stereotype that Geller and her ilk are looking to promote. Thanks for nothing, violent dumbasses.


Yes, it would look like “victim-blaming” to you.

To those of us who don’t have a ginormous axe to grind about Islam, however, it looks like Gellar consciously set out to provoke an attack on the cordon of law enforcement officers who were protecting her right to abuse her right to free speech and got exactly what she was hoping to get. No one’s going to shed any tears for the dead idiots, but she was and is complicit in the attack and would bear responsibility if anyone else had been killed. Because this is what she wanted.


Imagine that, we agree on something.

Although technically the actual victims were the bait taking zealots who threw the armed temper tantrum because someone drew a picture of their invisible friend.

There is also the security guard who was wounded, plus god knows how many emotional scars from people who were almost murdered for their pictures of the invisible friend.

Pam Geller & Co. may be hateful pricks, but to paraphrase, cartoons don’t kill, people with easily insult-able invisible friends and automatic weapons kill.


Racism, Bigotry, and Hate for fun and profit.
That is all you need to know about these Fascists.
They would would be very comfortable in Germany in 1933 smashing the windows of the Jewish stores.


…there should have been Cartoon Exhibits all over the free world…But there were no such exhibits.

I suspect this is because the vast majority of people consider those cartoons to be spiteful, sophomoric, and unfunny and not something they really want to expend much energy defending, and not because “the free world is ready to submit.” If Muslims were publishing the same sort of stuff about Jews or about Jesus and Christians, Pam Geller would be screaming from the rooftops, and probably encouraging her own form of jihad, not only against the Muslims who produced it, but against anyone else who published it. Heaven knows she nearly strokes out whenever they want to build a mosque or a community center.

They are deliberately poking the Muslim community in the eye and then saying “Look, look, they are evil, they want to fight us!” when someone pushes back. I’m not condoning violent responses to provocation, but I’m not going to be terribly sympathetic to people who are deliberately provocative when the people who are their targets act provoked, either.


She is responsible for these gunmen’s actions? Absurd.


But who defines provocative? I’m sure the Mormons aren’t thrilled with the Broadway play any more than the Catholics were with Piss Christ or Jesus Christ Superstar, but they don’t kill anyone so it’s cool to provoke them?

Yeah, they are deliberately poking the Muslim community, I do not disagree, but maybe the Muslim community needs to lighten up a bit.


She would bear responsibility? That is insane logic. Just because someone is being bigoted or racist doesn’t mean they are responsible for someone else’s murderous assault.


If I go down to the subway at midnight, get mugged and somehow manage to kill the mugger with my briefcase, it’s the mugger’s fault. If I go down into the subway wearing a coat made out of hundred dollar bills and a magnum in a concealed quick release holster, the inference arises that I was looking for an excuse to kill someone and I bear some responsibility for creating the situation. And if bystanders or cops get hurt, I’m as culpable as the mugger.


No the fault is the terrorists alone. She has a right to express herself and what she believes in.


The Muslim community didn’t take guns to a cartoon drawing contest, two fundementalists did. Let’s not paint with too broad a brush.


An old Iranian friend of mine used to tell me that the worst of the wackos in his (former) religion were just as scary as the worst of the wackos in Western fundamentalist religions.

I am sorry for the attacks on the security detail. I am sorry anyone had to be hurt or lose their lives. I am also sorry for these truly extreme wacks who just had to do this to keep on poking a bees nest, only to say “See, we told you they’re all despicable,” when some other severely wacky ones took the bait.

Both sides effing deserve each other.

That said, I personally find anyone unhinged to the hilt if they have to go all nuts if and when someone else creates a depiction of ANYTHING. If you aren’t secure in your own world without forcing your beliefs on others–and there’s a whole long list of topics here–you and your deity are pretty flimsy. Thank you.


I think you’re taking me a bit out of context, if you look at the reply I was answering -

“They are deliberately poking the Muslim community in the eye and then saying “Look, look, they are evil, they want to fight us!” when someone pushes back. I’m not condoning violent responses to provocation, but I’m not going to be terribly sympathetic to people who are deliberately provocative when the people who are their targets act provoked, either.”


Lesson I taught my sons.

If you poke a snake enough with a stick, you’re going to get bit.


Just curious: how many here have any background in First Amendment law? There’s a lot of blaming Geller and her crew of jagoffs (which on a socio-ethical level is understandable) for this entire disaster. On a legal basis, she and her crew were entirely within their rights to throw this shindig. I despise Geller and all she stands for, but in the same way so many of the major First Amendment cases protected groups like the KKK, let’s not lose sight of the fact that this was protected speech.

The entire idea behind the First Amendment is that we need to protect potentially offensive political speech, because putting viewpoint based restrictions on speech is inherently problematic. To hell with Gellar, but come on, folks. The architecture of the system is imperative; we can’t lose sight of that.


Actually they happily advertise their Church in the playbills for musical Book of Mormon.