Discussion: McDaniel's Campaign Manager Could Have Pay Cut Over Campaign Finance Report

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Too busy meddling in other political campaigns to follow the law. Campaign finance the trip wire for many scoundrels.


Ah, that winning combination of arrogance and incompetence. It’s what sets the Tea Party apart.


Due in JANUARY??? WTF, O?

The corruption in the McDaniel arena runs deep.

BTW - they are still accepting $0.01 donations via credit card through paypal. Donate early, donate often.


Five hundred dollars! Shut the front door! How will ends be met?!


For folks worried about the Debt, they sure are careless with your money.


Stuck in Sen. Sojurner’s “drafts” folder on her email: “What part of ‘none of your business’ do you not understand? And where’s your retraction and apology?”

Why garnish the campaign manager’s check instead of McDaniel’s?

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Politics 101: You need to gather signatures to qualify for the ballot. You need to file reports. You need to satisfy statutory requirements for the process of running for office.

None of this is complicated. There are people who know the systems.

What is the problem? How stupid can people be? This McDaniel guy is running uphill, and he is making it harder every day.

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Because she is the campaign manager. Duh!

I’ve got it!! The Hobby Lobby exemption!! She has a religious objection to filling out forms.


I’m assuming this is snark because I didn’t even have to read past the headline to learn that she’s the campaign manager.

500!!? Those Mississippi senators must not get paid much.

Prayhap. One of those southern babes who spends more time on her makeup than anything else. She’s cute, to be sure.

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True, but cute girls rarely have to pick up the tab.

Maybe I’m being nit-picky, but garnishment of wages is not actually a pay cut - it’s simply a method of collecting the money she owes. (It’s an effective cut in her take-home pay, but so would be, say, increasing her 401K contributions or her tax withholding rate or making a United Way contribution…)