Discussion: McConnell's Primary Challenger: Let Me Be Clear, I Don't Support Cockfighting

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Translated : “I’m not really sorry, but hopefully this will make it go away.”

“I am not and have never been, a supporter of cockfighting or any other forms of animal cruelty.”

“I just like to watch two birds carve each other up, that’s all.”

Sorry. I misread the fighting part.

Meh on cold toast, Matt.

However, if you truly believe in the linkage between gamecocks and states’ rights, you should have run in SC.

It wasn’t cockfighting, really. They only crossed swords

“…and besides, the cocks are free-range, hormone free!”

“I only attended the cock-fighting match as part of my campaign’s outreach to the Mexican-American community, which I admire. Um, that isn’t racist, is it?”

Unless the cock fight was at a gay bath house, I’m sure the reich wing will find it in their heart to forgive him.

A Teabagger apologizing?

What? Was a two-headed calf born or something?

Has anyone asked him for a more detailed statement of his views on the limitations of federal power? Because I’d sure like to hear what other federal laws he thinks might be invalid. Might Kentucky Republicans elect two Senators who question its constitutionality?

I wasn’t there because of the cockfighting. I was there to show my support of a Constitutional interpretation that’s radically at odds with more than 220 years of Constitutional law, because implicitly endorsing animal cruelty shows how important it is that we go back to an understanding of Constitutional law that the Founders never had and that was invented by camo-wearing people who deny the existence of the federal government and play soldier in the woods with real guns. It all makes perfect sense, really.