Discussion: McConnell Totally Ignores Kentucky's Top-Performing Obamacare Exchange

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Here in South Central Indiana, I was chatting at the Saturday Farmers Market with a friend running the Democratic Party booth, and a couple of local state office candidates. We concluded that the insanity of our current elections boils down to two factors: 1) The GOP whips its followers up with emotional attacks, and they are motivated to go to the polls; and 2) the Democrats DON’T.

A prime example is down in Kentucky, where candidate Grimes seems just unwilling to get down in the dirt, and kick McConnel to the ground over the bald faced lies he spouts about Kynect and the ACA / Obamacare. Why is she not running ads 24 x 7 calling him a liar, and stating the facts? Why is she not taking positions that represent the Democratic party, and trying to motivate the Democratic voters to get their lazy butts up and go to the polls? That latter goes for nationwide.

I personally would like to see Obama out on the campaign trail for until November running for Democrats nationwide as if it were a presidential election. Use the incredible technical apparatus and databases his crew have built.

GOTV, for $DEITY’s sake. When Democratic voters vote, they win elections. Because they are the majority.


The manure state has elected two fool senators. It deserves the consequences.


“…We just aren’t sure…”

McConnell’s dictionary defines “leader” as one who fosters uncertainty, which is why he considers himself a great leader.


“A prime example is down in Kentucky, where candidate Grimes seems just unwilling to get down in the dirt, and kick McConnel to the ground over the bald faced lies he spouts about Kynect and the ACA / Obamacare.”…heartland liberal

just last week i received a call from grimes’ campaign, i’m sure to ask me for money. the script for the call apparently was to tell me that we need to get out the word about what a wonderful candidate grimes is.

i said, “stop right there.” it is my opinion that grimes can show us what a wonderful candidate she is by calling mcconnell out about his lies about the aca. she should be whistlestopping it all over kentucky to combat him. she should be hammering in the nails in his political coffin over this. she should be behind the president in this, instead of promising to oppose him, as she does several times on her official website.

THEN, and then only, would she be a wonderful candidate.

the phone call did not end well. i really don’t like her very much. i swear, some of her stances sound an awful lot like palin. she actually thinks we should destroy MORE of our countryside for coal. from her website: We must secure America’s energy independence and reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

damn it.

Living in Kentucky I’ve observed McConnell all of his career and he’s not in the least interested in public policy or in government improving peoples’ lives. His sole focus is power and the money it takes to gain and retain that power. Then you wield that power to squeeze more money out of those seeking to influence government and repeat. It becomes a never ending circle of money and influence. That’s Mitch McConnell.


that’s a might broad brush you’re using. what about all of us who didn’t vote for this idiot, who have NEVER even considered voting for him?

it’s not all black and white, you know, and, personally, i resent what you wrote.


staffers of rand paul have asked for a briefing because they were interested in applying!
that don’t beat all!


Dear lord why would McTurtle take an interest in the people of Kentucky? He is interested only in power and the monied interests that keep him in power.

So in that regard, he, like most Repugs, will say what he is told to say; repeat what he is told to repeat; obfuscate as needed; ignore as desired; lie when necessary.

In today’s GOP, this is referred to as “leadership”.

Q: Why would he be interested in Obamacare?

A: He wouldn’t.

Because R.

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“Repeal Obamacare!” is the battle cry, dog whistle and political fundraiser all in one. If you ask Yertle McConnell’s constituency (drooling rightie dipshits who almost always vote against their own best interests) about this, they will want to repeal Obamacare by name, but not by description. He knows this all too well and lies his ass off about it.

McConnell doesn’t give a damn about Kynect or its impact on the lives of Kentuckians. His only concern is his own butt and his political life. As an aside, he sure isn’t photogenic, eh??

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Repealing Obamacare means a return to the old system. People with pre-existing conditions die without health insurance.
Soooo’_____Mitch McConnell is bragging about how he’ll turn the Senate into a Republican Death Panel.


I’m calling: TURTLEGHAZI !!!

“Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear, who pushed for the state to run its own exchange, has become one of Obamacare’s most vocal advocates and is hugely popular with residents.”

Grimes’ speech writers need to take the last six words of this quote to heart.

Medicaid expansion alone, sans ALL “Obamacare” references, can be the best tool in their box. They have nearly half a million stories to tell, they should be able to find some of the most poignant among them to prove themselves.

Over 350,000 new people on Medicaid? Yet still, some of their candidates are running on a platform to take that away from them?

If Kentucky Democrats can’t turn that into an electoral landslide, something is very wrong with their managers.

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“At worst, it’s a blatant attempt to mislead Kentucky families for his political benefit.”

…there’s the money line… is there really any doubt that this is what happened?

We would be naive to think otherwise.

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The truth often hurts most those who are ‘collateral damage’ because of it. I don’t like sufi66 comment either, but it’s accurate, congruent and germain to this thread.

That must really suck for McConnell. I feel really sorry for him. I mean, imagine if you were him, and you had to wake up every day knowing that your constituents have access to affordable health insurance and a successful portal to obtain it. shudder

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in reply to olescout:

there are ways of doing things withOUT being hurtful.

all i’m asking for is a little respect and civility. it’s bad enough already, without strangers making it worse. on purpose.


Not really. For 50 years SE Ky-ians have been voting as a block for: white, christian, plump, gun-totin’, return-god-to-school, anti-liberal, 'publikanz. Ain’t gonna change now. The onlyest thing gonna put Grimes in W’Ton is votes in the western end of the state.