Discussion: McConnell On Trump Win: Americans Chose 'New Direction For Our Nation'

Only in the sense that a 180-degree turn is a “new direction”, asshole.


Is Fascism a direction?


New direction: “advance to the rear”.

Welcome back to the Dark Ages.


wb Mitch

Finally poked his head out of his shell.

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1860, here we come! Dark, dark days ahead I predict. A shadow has fallen over the country I love, leaving a permanent stain on our former democracy. A sad, sad day for all Americans, even if 1/2 of them don’t realize the curtain has fallen on them. Democracy was kicked to the curb today and left to rot by the likes of Trump’s supporters.

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but like i told you before, i ait mad at him. Schumer had to kick four Republicans out in order to be Majority Leader.

They only got Kirk.

students can learn from a man like McConnell, yes indeedie.

I don’t buy the “rejection of the status quo” argument. If the Constitution would have permitted Obama to run for a third term, he would have cleaned Trump’s clock. But one of the advantages of winning an election is you get to characterize it as you wish.


Can’t wait to see what he can do in a midterm when defending 22 seats.

I suspect that somehow, he’ll find a way to get the GOP to +23.

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Anyone have a link to that website that sells gold bullion?

Congratulations Trumpsters, here’s where you’ve driven America back to!

Disturbing Parallels Between America & 1930s Germany


especially when ya opponent is Schumer

No, I meant Schumer.

He’s defending 22 seats in 2018…somehow he’ll find a way for the GOP to pickup 23.


those are the moments that make me hate seniority.

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o/t: when that Trump heat began floating his way, Vince supposedly told past n present employees to duck out of sight until the election was done.

damn i love this country.

He successfully obstructed his way to a 4-4 Supreme Court just long enough to fuck this country over. Yeah, that’s a new direction.


Yes, Senator, Americans have chosen a new direction: South.

You might want to stock up on MREs, too.

Just think America, Trump proved you don’t have to pay taxes!