Discussion: McCain Mocks Ted Cruz Claim About Hearings On Guns On Military Bases

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I’m confused… Are personal guns banned and Cruz wants to allow them, or are they allowed and he wants to ban them? Probably the former, but it is not clear.

Hardee har har, but it really goes without saying that the Army should be able to decide who gets who gets to carry which guns how, on an ARMY BASE! Carnival Cruz should be mocked for his ridiculous opinion to the contrary because frankly, nobody cares whether his staff navigated the proper Senate back channels to the relevant Committee Chairman.


You don’t understand. In Cruz’s fevered imagination, concealed handguns will be the weapon of choice for taking down a tyrannical government. And of course, you’ll need to cripple the U.S. Army, which might be expected to stay loyal to the tyrant who’s paying their salaries. To do that, you’ll need dedicated freedom fighters who can take the fight directly to the enemy.

Think Gen. Jack D. Ripper.


Riders in the clown car are showing that they will not dissapoint,popcorn sales should going through the roof with this upcoming presidential election.


The former. I suspect Cruz will point to the Ft. Hood shootings in particular as examples of tragedies that could have been averted (or, at least, not as tragic) if personnel had been permitted to have sidearms with them.


What I really don’t understand, is how everyone on the right would know the difference between a fallen anti-tyrant hero and a common criminal who deserved what he got?


There is such a stark difference between the GOP and the Dems leading up to elections. The GOP has literally become clown car politics, with ridiculous candidates and would be candidates, sniping at each other, undermining each other and lobbing grenades at each other. While the Dems have remained, on the whole, rather serious minded about governance.

I don’t understand how the GOP thinks this is going to work in their favor…


So one of the old lunatics in the back ward has an issue with what one of the new patients in the admissions ward of the galactic psychiatric center has to say…time for them both to take their meds and get to the bingo game.


When in doubt, you can always assume he wants more guns everywhere.


Sounds like Cruz is attempting to elevate his lowly status by bragging about bending the ear of one of the cool kids. Cool kid tells the entire school he’s never spoken with the under classman.

Ha ha ha ha ha


Cruz lies and just makes stuff up constantly. Once in while he gets caught.


It is a military base, there are guns there. Each person’s ability to just walk around with a gun for “protection” is not there. There are security everywhere with guns and if guns are needed or some form of weapon they are given out.

It is funny that this sort of thing comes up for a military base.

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The moment you join the Military some of your “Constitutional” rights are set aside and you AGREE to be under the jurisdiction of the Uniform Military Code.
You are there to follow orders and protect your country not to “Prepare to Overthrow the Tyrannical Government”.
The “Chosen One” Canadian-Cruz just keeps getting more and more bizarre.


Ted Cruz is easily mocked.

Simple. Measure his albedo.


I love it that the Republican Party is becoming the Donner party. Have at it!!


These things make the GOP fairly confident:

(a) MSM (false “equivalency”)
(b) MSM (juggling stories)
© MSM (mistakenly being labeled as “liberal”)
(d) MSM (being owned by fossil fuels)
(e) FOX
(f) Talk Radio
(g) the Confederacy
(h) Youthful Distraction on the Democratic Side
(i) Voter Suppression
(j) Limiting access to the polls of Democratic Voters
(k) CHEATING once the votes are cast


Oh, and one more thing (letter “l”)…



Well, it’s a funny thing. The people who know the most about guns and what guns do and how they work and sometimes don’t work are extremely reluctant to let people have loaded guns with them–or even access to ammunition–when they’re not actually in hostile territory.

Even in war zones, soldiers returning to a FOB after a patrol are required to eject the magazines from their weapons and clear the chambers and drop that, along with every other magazine, loose round or grenade, into bins at the entrance. Because they do not fucking want people with loaded weapons wandering around inside the base. And stateside, its not just no but hell no. If you’re not sentry or on the range, you don’t even get to have a weapon.

Because as professional gun users (as opposed to cops who are mostly professional gun carriers), the military has, in its years of experience with firearms come to a unique appreciation that guns are fucking dangerous and that an accidental shooting or homicide is absolutely inevitable when hundreds or thousands of people have access to guns and ammunition. And, indeed, almost every piece of technology militaries use these days are capable of accidentally inflicting death or horrific injury, hence the penchant for using the hierarchical command structure to impose draconian one size fits all safety protocols. Because they hate writing those fucking letters under any circumstances, but especially after an accident and it’s impossible for the grunts to get any decent rack time when they know the dumbest and/or craziest and/or spaziest fuck in their unit has a loaded weapon.

When anyone who’s been in the service tries to tell this to gun nuts who never served, they go absolutely apeshit in denial and rage and accuse the person who says it of being some communist liberal gun grabbing pinko fag false flag troll.