Discussion: McCain Lashes Out At GOPer For Use Of 'AWOL' To Attack Primary Opponent

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Old man McCain should let these dumbasses battle it out on their own. Him playing referee does absolutely dick.



But McCain saying Obama was ‘AWOL’ on Syria? A-OK. (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/80408.html)

Mac saying Obama was ‘AWOL’ on Foreign policy? Right-O.

McCain saying Obama ‘AWOL’ on Defense Cuts. Not a problem.


Maybe this is a function of age. Was there ever an incidence in Nam of McCain strafing his own troops?


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He was too busy crashing planes.


It seems the establishment is working overtime to try to keep the crazy from winning primaries. Unfortunately, the establishment has moved so far to the right in order to keep up with the TP that they’re now just as crazy as their crazies.


“… but the fact that he has refused to remove this offensive term from his website is inexcusable,”

AWOL is offensive? Since when? Technically speaking, it means absent from one’s post but without intent to desert. (Or, at least, according to Google, it does.)

What is this is doddering, senile old fool talking about? What, there were no clouds to yell at???

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Huckabee and Pres. Obama both beat him in Iowa.

Oh, how we want Ernst to win the Republican primary. So, thanks, McCain - though doubtful that anyone in Iowa gives a hoot what you think or say.

The older John gets the whinier and crankier he seems to be.

Absent With Out Leave is the way I remember it and to imply it has significance is ridiculous. And AWOL from the National Guard is a real yawner. More blah blah blah in any decent reporter’s notepad.

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McCain is a moron. If it is tangentially related to the military, he reflexively jumps in like he’s somehow an expert just because he crashed like 8 planes and got captured by the enemy first time out. It’s like someone claiming to be qualified to win Daytona because they wrecked their Camaro into a tree.


AWOL=absent without leave.

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PALINGHAZI and shut the fuck up


LOL That’s hilarious. It’s absolutely ridiculous that he’s inserting himself in this situation and pretending AWOL is somehow an offensive term. In a primary fight, it’s a fairly benign term. There’s no reason for him to get is Depends in a bunch over this. Both candidates should tell him to fuck off.

Am I mixing this lady up with someone else or is it true that she has a very bad attendance record and only a very small percentage of those absences were due to her Guard duty…was that TPM, Jon Stewart, or ??? reported on this just a few weeks ago.

Here it is! TPM “Iowa GOPer’s National Guard Service Excuse For Missing Votes Doesn’t Check Out”

What about Bush’s actual desertion from duty, has McCain ever had anything to say about that?


AWOL: missing votes while NOT on National Guard assignment.
“In April, the Cedar Rapids Gazette reviewed Ernst’s missed votes and reported that MOST OF THEM did not directly coincide with her National Guard commitments.”

Joni Ernst is a fraud!

When you appologize for Sarah Palin we might listen again to your stories of righteous indignation.

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Better idea: all of us non-R’s should get out of the way when R’s start a feces fight in one of their primaries.