Discussion: Mattis Turns Up The Heat On North Korea And China

“Like it or not, we’re part of the world,”

You and your boss need to have a chat about that. Or do you mean that other nations must bow down to the US and “Put America first” as trump claimed in his anti-science anti-rational thought speech on climate change?


Sigh. How many times have North Korea and China been put on notice in the last 5 months?. Had “the heat turned up”? Come back when Tilly gets his State Dept. together and is ready to dialog with the NoKos. Otberwise #trumppapertiger.


…and ‘the world’ will never forget the ‘part’ that Trump is doing to destroy it…

“There’s going to be fresh approaches taken” to various issues by Trump, Mattis said,

I think Mattis misspelled “stupid blunders”. Jesus F. Christ, I’m speechless at this bullshit."


So much for “Mad Dog 20/20 for President” :sigh:


…and in other news…Betsy DeVos brother


I think this week Trump’s ass caught fire. So Mattis springs into action and tries to create a bigglier fire.


Over under on number of hours before Trump completely undermines Mattis?

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The reasons these groups are provoking the US is directly tied to the fact that we have buffoons in critical positions of policy making.


The US should build an artificial island in the South China sea.

Wouldn’t the Trumpians just love an excuse to provoke a little nuclear skirmish? Sure would “take off a lot of pressure off this whole Russia thing…”

In his speech to the Shangri-La Dialogue, sponsored by the International Institute for Strategic Studies

Finding a summary woefully inadequate I located the entire exchange on the Web:

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To paraphrase Buckley I wouldn’t insult the intelligence of a single person in the room by accusing them of thinking Mattis actually speaks for El Bufon.

First these clowns provoke NK and then they threaten them for getting defensive.

This is reaching down in order to punch down. NK is a spec on a flys ass globally.
They are tolerated merely because the rest of the world compassionately chooses not to obliterate them.
Their leader is a loudmouth jerk who is over-compensating big time, but then again, so is ours.

Flexing our military might against NK is like the Jolly Green Giant drop kicking the green pea. It just proves that size and natural advantage don’t equate to smarts or diplomatic skills.

Russia, our #1 adversary, has infiltrated the USA and imposed it’s will in numerous ways with nary a peep from this administration but they just gotta prioritize picking a fight with a pipsqueak.

And by most measures, the Trumpians are losing. NK proceeds and China still has their back.
Backed into yet another corner, the Trumpp braintrust has left itself one option that would resemble their version of a win, going nuclear.
Resorting to that last available option out of hubris and the pettiness of a brainless bully would be the giant exclamation point behind every absolutely foolish move that the Trounce administration makes.

Hopefully their ignorance has some bounds.

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For what purpose is this former military man stirring the pot with China and Korea? It gives him hope that we will be at war soon? You don’t force world powers to do your Fuhrer’s bidding. If Kushner wanted to back channel, this might have been a better place to do it?

But is there anything this administration could do that doesn’t alienate others and cause lasting damage?

Don’t count on there being any bounds with a Republican Congress afraid to offend their Fuhrer and his hordes of barbarians who are always ready to primary any of them.

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I don’t really except the nuclear option. That is the only one.

It is impossible to determine the exact ignorance, vengefulness and ridiculous pettiness of the man child in charge.

But for some reason I think that his daughter or someone in the military would keep him from going over that ledge.

Its all just dickish sassiness up until then, then shit gets very real, very quick.

As a token of friendship to Mattis and Preshitident Trump, China has been manipulating its currency and destroying American jobs actively in the last two weeks. I am sure that Trump’s tinpot general Mattis had the balls to tell the Chinese authoritarian regime that.

Don’t forget the so-called “daughter” Ivank Trump picked out the bombs and the Supreme Commander Cuck Kushner selected the country to bomb to send North Korea a message. The bombing was timed to occur for Preshitident Trump’s evening entertainment and Chinese tyrant Xi jinping was having the world’s best chocolate cake.

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