Discussion: Mattis: Trump Acts Like A 'Fifth Or Sixth Grader'

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Mattis: Trump Acts Like A ‘Fifth Or Sixth Grader’

He’s being exceedingly generous to the Toddler in Chief.


Sometimes you have to remind yourself, not to mention strive to actually feel, that anyone who voted for, continues to support, or turns a blind eye to this president’s shocking deficiencies is literally endangering your life.


Yeah 5th and 6th graders are 10 and 11 years old and I would argue that he acts like a 5 year old, not a fifth grader.


Trump is not an act ,he is the Reality President and those who still believe the WWE is real will follow him forever.

The insult reportedly came after Trump questioned why the U.S. has missile detectors and a military presence on the Korean peninsula. Mattis reportedly quipped in response, “We’re doing this in order to prevent World War III.”

previously on ‘The Donald Trump Show’

resumes ‘singing’ this song


regarding plotlines/PG material, Trump > the current WWE.


Yeah I’ve always thought Donald reminds me of an impetuous middle school bully.

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“Mattis: Trump Acts Like A ‘Fifth Or Sixth Grader’.”

It’s not acting.


True, but while meeting your ‘heroes’ (Trump never heard of Mattis before '16) always leads to disappointment, I’m really tempted to Google that Trump rally, where he literally kissed ‘Mad Dog’s’ ass.


I imagine the conversation goes something like this:

Mr. President, imagine South Korea is a porn star and North Korea is an evil stalker trying to have his way with her. Well, we’re John Wayne going in silent but strong to keep the peace. That’s right, Mr. President, you’re just like John Wayne, porn star hero.


"Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that President Donald Trump acts like and has the understanding of a “fifth or sixth grader”
Mattis went on to say “And I completely support him to the detriment of my country and honor because although I am already wealthy, those tax cuts are more important than anything except our wonderful for-profit healthcare system.”

Palin was his dialogue coach.

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