Discussion: Mattis: National Security To Settle On Afghanistan Policy In 'Very Near Future'

Trump’s plan, no? Isn’t it ready to go?

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Real Soon Now™

Maybe after another Friedman Unit.

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Afghanistan Policy Week will be in late September. Donnie will spend most of it in a feud with the hosts of The View, will attempt (and fail) to torpedo a debt ceiling increase, and will console himself by having a third scoop of ice cream at his golf course. That is all.

Trump Units: 2-3 weeks.

“We’re going to be announcing something I would say over the next two or three weeks that will be phenomenal in terms of (insert appropriate deliverable).” “It’ll be great (beautiful, fabulous, breathtaking, or other real estate adjectival hyperbole).”


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I don’t understand how these generals stay in these positions and make these ridiculous statements with straight faces. The Trump administration has been in office for almost 7 months in addition to the preparation period between the election and the inauguration. By saying that we “will have an Afghan policy sometime in the near future,” they are admitting that they didn’t devise one and don’t have one. No wonder the world is laughing at us.


Hopefully this has nothing to do with Afghanistan, and is really a cover for invoking section 4 of the 25th amendment on Trump, putting him in custody, stripping him of his tweeting machine, recalling Congress back from recess for the National Emergency of voting on Trump’s removal, and all else that goes along with removing this human disgrace and his cohorts.

DO IT ! This is your best chance considering the ramped up culmination over the past two weeks of frightening BS frothing from his mouth, and before he tweets NK into the destruction of Seoul.