Discussion: Mattis: 'Ludicrous' To Believe Feud With Trump Over N. Korea, Domestic Tensions

So you’ve contradicted / defied the Buffoon-in-Chief twice in the past few days?

First on the transgender ban, then on North Korea? Okay, so it’s not a feud.

More like an exit interview.


One might be able to nuance Mattis’ statements on the transgender ban as only partially differing from Trumps. However, Mattis’ directly contradicted Trump on North Korea - diplomacy is either over or it isn’t. I hope he isn’t now going to back down in deference to Trump’s displeasure.

OK I’ve changed my mind Donald is not a moron, he a piece of shit. a dried little piece of shit.

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Mattis needs to remember he is the Sec. of Defense not “Just a general”. He can actually have a real opinion now.

What he’s saying is the standard Top Brass “Support the CiC, but speak a lot and say nothing even when you know it’s utter garbage”

And any enlisted man can see right through it.