Discussion: Marine Who Disappeared In Iraq In 2004 Back In US

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How long before the RWNJS refer to this guy as Obama’s secret boyfriend.

The right wing doesn’t give a shit about this guy – despite the myriad opportunities to paint this man as a traitor, there’s just no way to tie him to President Obama.

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Greenwald has a perfect opportunity here to do an award-winning story on what a VICTIM this guy is: he didn’t repeatedly desert, it was the Army who repeatedly abandoned him! His father points out that the double-dealer was denied medals! What was the REAL REASON for that?! A bloodthirsty country hell bent on genocide? We need Greenwald to tell us the shocking truth! Hopefully he gets a smarmy awards ceremony out of this,“journalist” of the year, some shyte.

Yeah, good suggestion! There’s an opening with the shocking story of how Obama staged the world cup to distract from IRS “scandal” having run its course.

Does his Father have a beard? Rupert Murdoch’s blondes on Fox News want to know.