Discussion: Mar-a-Lago Visitor Logs To Be Released By DHS, Watchdog Groups Claim Victory


Speaking of “Kremlin by the Sea”, Did Donald get scared of visiting it, after all the publicity it got ?


These logs will be SO HEAVILY REDACTED as to be completely useless. Watch.

What I want to see is the Mar-A-Lago MEMBERSHIP LIST AND WHAT THEY ALL PAID FOR IT and who ACTUALLY paid the fees, i.e. what FOREIGN GOVERNMENT ENTITY outright bribed the President of the United States for access to him.


Actually I believe the season ended. Gets hot in Florida in July, so the rich folk head north.


What’s the over-under** on the number of "Georgina Spelvin"s, "Alana Smithee"s and “Jane Smiths”?

**No pun intended


OK, thanks, didn’t think of that.

This is very good news: The main public players in the right-wing horror show are being covered reasonably well but too many others are hiding in the shadows.

As @khaaannn notes above though, there is more that could be done including pulling back the covers on those buying shares in or loaning money to Trump businesses.

NB: #45 would doubtless prefer a system that renders his personal corruption invisible but even more to his liking would be a system like Russia’s or Egypt’s where it would be legal or virtually so; systemically corrupt in a word.

...systematic corruption is both a concrete form of political behavior and an idea. In polities plagued with systematic corruption, a group of politicians deliberately create rents by limiting entry into valuable economic activities, through grants of monopoly, restrictive corporate charters, tariffs, quotas, regulations, and the like. These rents bind the interests of the recipients to the politicians who create them. The purpose is to build a coalition that can dominate the government. Manipulating the economy for political ends is systematic corruption. Systematic corruption occurs when politics corrupts economics.

In contrast, venal corruption denotes the pursuit of private economic interests through the political process. Venal corruption occurs when economics corrupts politics. Classical thinkers worried about venal corruption, too. They talked at great length about the moral and ethical corruption of entire peoples and societies, as well as governments. They realized, however, that venal corruption is an inevitable result of human nature. So they focused their intellectual enterprise on designing and then protecting a form of government that could resist systematic corruption. …


One must wonder why it’s going to take almost two months for them to release these records. Are there no quicker flights from the Ministry of Truth in Moscow?


Heavily redacted, no doubt.


Several John Does and John Smiths every time Trump was there.

I suspect the visitor logs will look a lot like this:
Anatoly Smith
Arkady Smith
Arseny Smith
Boris Smith
Vasily Smith
Vladimir Smith


I can relate to all the cynicism, but you gotta admit it’s a start.


I’m guessing it’s hot as hell there in the summer.

Government of the people by the people.

Forget the visitor logs, I want to see the TV-watching logs.

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Believe me, though, you DON’T want to see what’s on the closed circuit tv.