Discussion: Manchin Cracks McCaskill's Rib While Performing Heimlich Maneuver

Perhaps a more suitable headline would be “Manchin saves McCaskill’s life”


Points for Manchin.


I still don’t like him, so plplplplplplplplplplplplplpl :stuck_out_tongue:


SUBJECT: when the best intentions don’t go quite as planned.

Hoping she will ultimately be ok.


The guy saved her life. Somehow the article forgot to even mention that?


A friend of mine once performed a Heimlich maneuver on an unsuspecting stranger at a Grateful Dead concert. Turned out he was just laughing really hard, not choking to death! Chemicals were involved on both sides, obviously. No cracked ribs, anyway.


She has a sense of humor about giving “hugs” at her upcoming event with the NAACP.

Jesus, I would’ve cut her a new windpipe if it called for that, we need her!


Speaking of unintended consequences, Harley may shift making motorcycles it sells in Europe out of the US to avoid tariffs. MEGA? Thanks Donald.

Edit: A nail manufacturer too;


There’ll be all sorts of unintended consequences because the manchild doesn’t understand these. The price of Hershey’s Kisses may go up because of tariffs on aluminum. Big and small, everything’s going to cost more.


I was saved once by my wife who used the Heimlich Maneuver when I choked at a restaurant. I suspect Claire is very grateful. That she didn’t die is far more important than her broken rib.


Take a look at your 401 K. If it is invested in stock you will not be pleased this morning. Trump has thrown the economy into a tailspin and nobody is paying attention.


The Times will have a trend piece two days from now with this as a metaphor about Democratic infighting and division in the runup to the midterms. Evidence of that infighting and division might or might not be hard to find, but you don’t waste a metaphor like that. Such are the ways of Times trend pieces.


You would think that the Democrats or their well healed supporters (Steyer, Bloomberg et. al. ) would start making 30 second “news bulletins” suffusing the country with this type of information, broadcast on all the networks, radio stations, and social media to counter Trump’s Morning In America lies and to establish a very different narrative on the Trump economy. Not holding my breath.


I witnessed someone saved by the Heimlich maneuver. Warning: a little gross.

I and about a dozen of my co-workers were at one big table for a celebratory lunch after winning an important contract.One guy was eating and talking and suddenly went silent, grabbing his throat. The project manager immediately rushed over and executed the maneuver vigorously about 3-4 times, emptying his stomach in the process, all over everyone’s plates. Soon he was breathing again, and he ran off to the men’s room, still trembling and hugely humiliated. The lunch broke up after that, as we had all lost our appetites.

The project manager was lauded as a hero. The guy he saved quit within a week.


Where is trumps tweet?
“Manchin is not a hero because he saved a democrat”. lol
Good save Joe !!!

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In the words of Melanie [sic] Trump, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” (glad he saved her life, but drafting the article to highlight her cracked rib somehow buries the lead)


We shouldn’t be surprise at any kind of economic downturn. He can tell us he’s the world most savvy businessman and knows the world of finance backwards and forwards, but he doesn’t. He makes deals where he ensures he’s on the winning end. But we can add a struggling economy or stock market losses to why people won’t vote from him. The morans who call the wrong Red Hen restaurant to rail about Sanders won’t be in this group who run from him and the party.


OK, I just thought of something that cracked me up. My junior senator got his ribs cracked from being tackled by his neighbor. He proceeded to miss weeks of work while whining away on Twitter. Claire got her ass up and went to a dinner the next day. That says a lot about her and very little about Rand Paul.


Well, if that’s not the most Democratic Party thing ever, I don’t know what could be.

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