Discussion: Man Charged With Murder In Killing Of Muslim Teen Near Virginia Mosque

Ironically, the killer’s first name is “Darwin”. Definitely from the shallow end of the gene pool, killing a 17 year old girl…

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Something else to this story. I’m wondering if the teen girl maybe had a relationship with the 22-yo man at one time. No evidence of hate as a motivator.

Seriously TPM? That’s what you are going with? This is unbelievable clickbait.

The headline clearly insinuates that this is motivated by anti-Muslim bigotry, but it sounds more like a domestic incident. Not that it is any less tragic, but the title is far more provocative than the facts seem to bear out at this point. (“Police said they looked into whether the murder was a hate crime but said they found no evidence it was.”)

Also, “The man assaulted her and she became separated from her friends.” That’s it? That’s all we know? No one talked to these friends and asked “why did you leave your teenage friend to be assaulted on her own?”

EDIT: So I went to the actual AP story and this is what it says “According to WRC-TV in Washington, the teen fell as the girls ran, and only later did they realize that she was not among them.” (This raises many more questions for me. Why did they feel the need to run? How many friends were there? How do you not know you left someone behind in a potentially dangerous situation? If they were running, that might mean they didn’t know the man, and it could be a hate crime, etc.)

Also, the AP headline: MURDER CHARGE FOR VIRGINIA MAN IN ATTACK ON MUSLIM GIRL. Still some insinuation, but TPM adding “near Virginia mosque” is just clickbait BS.


Either way, the girl is dead and no longer with us.

If it is another Muslim hate crime then its time to make examples of the hateful.
This can not continue!

Not one of TPM’s finest hours, was it?

Reading between the lines it seems the crime is of the far more common, though no less terrible, love-struck stalker variety.

22 year old man kills 17 year old girl known to him when both have same religious affiliation? Not exactly the feeling you get from reading the headline, is it.

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There is absolutely no merit to the conjecture in this post.

There is no evidence he knew her.

The police are treating this as a road rage incident.

Well, the family are not treating it as a road rage incident.

There’s clearly a lot more to this than meets the eye (or meets the current reporting). I’ve learnt my lesson and will speculate no more.

I misread the original report because of this line:

The teenager had been participating in at a sleepover at a religious institution that authorities did not identify. But the All Dulles Area Muslim Society confirmed in a news release that the teens were affiliated with the mosque.

I had assumed the “teens” referred to here were the victim and the attacker, but of course the arrested man is 22. The “teens” are presumably the victim and her friends.

My mistake.