Discussion: Man Arrested After Allegedly Firing At Vacuum Cleaner Salesmen

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At some point the Red States’ massive paranoia and idiocy will bring those economies to a crashing halt.

Stupidity is a self-solving problem over time.

In college I spent a few months doing door-to-door sales, usually in the lower income neighborhoods. For 95% of the time, it was ok. Dozens of people screaming at me to get the F off their property, but that was just a daily part of the job. But there were maybe 5 scary incidents in the few months I worked (6 days a week) that job. Overall, not a safe job to go knocking, unannounced and uninvited, on stranger’s doors trying to sell them crap they don’t want or need. Especially in questionable neighborhoods. I had people follow me on foot or in their cars for several houses, even blocks, angry questions, taunting. Guns in hand at the door or in the car. Never had a gun pointed at me or shot at, but definitely had some bad moments and was threatened. Worst was a car that followed me for a while, finally pulled up, two trashy older dudes with shotgun clearly (purposefully) visible giving me the angry stink-eye third degree. Also, believe it or not, there was no hazard pay!


But the key here is that he did it responsibly. He was a responsible gun owner … he was a responsible gun owner when he got drunk in the middle of the day in a house full of guns, he was responsible when he got furious that someone would bother him while he was busy getting drunk in a house full of guns, and he was responsible when he went and got one of those guns because of the previous mentioned furor.

True, he magically morphed into an irresponsible gun owner when he pulled the triggered as he tried to kill two random strangers who didn’t pose him any threat just because he was drunk and mad, but the good news is that as soon as he took his finger off of the trigger, he morphed back into a responsible gun owner, so no harm no foul. The key here is responsible.

As an aside, if he had killed those two people, he probably would had stood proudly over the corpses and told the people that it was SYG.


As the GOP-NRA tell us, if only this drunk old man had an assault rifle with armor piercing bullets, then everyone would have been SAFER. If only us liberals didn’t violate this old man’s right to rocket propelled grenades, then everyone would have been so much SAFER in that situation.


Do they still have door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen?

Those evil vacuum cleaner salesmen, why they just might get me to buy one of those noisy things and expect me to use it - better shoot them while I can.


Why is it so hard to just say no thank you? A shotgun?

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Not if this keeps up. And Jesus, will you Crazy Shooter People give it a rest, already? There’s only so much time in the day!


damn, who knew there were still door-to-salesmen.

The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a shotgun is a good guy with a Dyson DC40.


Fear and loathing in America

Sponsored by the NRA and their lobbyist paid politicians.

Yes, they still have door to door vacuum cleaner salesmen. Kirby and Rainbow are makes that are still sold door to door (or on ebay for 1/2 the price!)

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This is a practice that probably needs to end. I’d hate to see all those people put out of work but the alternative would be worse.

A somewhat similar thing happened here. Some kids were playing ding dong ditch in their middle class, suburban neighborhood. They rang one door and ran off, and the homeowner opened the door and fired on the kids. One 12 year old was hit, but thankfully survived. The shooter, who was drinking at the time of the shooting, was sentenced to 10 years in prison but was shocked out after only serving 100 days. In exchange, he plead guilty to a 15 year sentence and had to give up his guns. If he gets in trouble again or gets violated for anything he’ll have to do the full 15.

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Sounds like there was at least a semblance of all too rare justice in your case.

Umm, Michigan voted twice for Obama and has two D Senators, so despite its R gov and legislature, you can’t really call it a “red” state.

I reserve my drunken assaults by firearm to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Well, this was in Louisville. Anywhere else in KY except Lexington and he wouldn’t have been charged.

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the drunk guy is going to invoke “stand your ground” laws, saying the vacuum hose made him feel threatened him in his inebriated state.

The salesmen became suspicious when the suspect walked out of the home
to his garage, however, and decided to leave. The suspect then allegedly
fired two shots with a 20-gauge shotgun as the men drove away…

That would never have gotten rid of certain door-knocking “Witnesses.”

I presume Kentucky is not a SYG state?