Discussion: 'Magic Mushroom' Found In Queen Elizabeth II's Garden

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The queen didn’t by any chance send a box of these magic mushrooms to the gop lately, did she??
They seem to be suffering from dilusions and hallucinations on a regular basis. Probably enhanced with boneheads favorite liquid.

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Oh goody, a Santa Claus mushroom. Red suit, white trim. Ho Ho Ho! Flying reindeer will show up soon.

Gordon Wasson is rolling in his grave.

Oh, I do hope they also let us know when somebody at the Palace sees a weeping Jesus in their waffles!

Good fucking grief. It’s a goddamned mushroom. A pretty one, but it’s not exactly rare. Don’t people ever get out and see the world anymore?

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Paging Lewis Carroll and a cheeky cat for some croquet with the Queen this afternoon!

I’ve seen them fairly commonly in the upper Great Lakes. Tried one in my youth. I’d recommend the Queen sticks to the common psilocybes (e.g., Psilocybe semilanceata) found in the British Isles, if she’s looking to experiment.

There are some myths that the Santa Claus tale grew out of the Mushroom cults of the day, which were pretty widespread.

The word “berserk” is based on an old Central Asian word for be-mushroomed.

Besides this mushroom, there is the psilocybin mushroom, the fly agaric, the hallucinogenic peyote cactus in our Southwest, the hallucinogenic banisteria caapi vine in the South American rain forest.

Many early peoples incorporated these plants into their rituals and religions, which fostered a respect for the earth and the harmony and wisdom it contained – these were not considered “recreational drugs,” but sacrament saved for rare and special occasions.

We could do a lot worse.

Amen!! Mycophiles of the World, Spread Out:smile:

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Amanita muscaria is, in fact, fly agaric.


OK, thanks, I confused it with another species I can’t recall.
I had it on the (metaphorical, not literal) tip of my tongue …

Maybe it was the related Amanita bisporigera, aka ¨The Destroying Angel¨. ¨The first symptoms of poisoning appear 6 to 24 hours after consumption, followed by a period of apparent improvement, then by symptoms of liver and kidney failure, and death after four days or more.¨ :wink:

I’m not sure, maybe it was morning glory, or rosewood seed.

You might like to get a copy of The Raven’s Gift by Jon Turk for a good discussion of the uses of these little treasures.

Reindeer are very fond of Amanita Muscaria. The Lapp herdsmen can round up their herds with the mushrooms.