Discussion: Losses In O'Care Repeal, AL Cast Doubts On McConnell's Leadership Reputation

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Face it chumps - you can’t come up with an Obamacare alternative because Obamacare was YOUR PLAN! But since Obama passed it and put his name on it, now it has to go. The problem is your alternatives are so toxic to the public that you can’t even get 50 votes on it. And now they’re counting on Roy Moore to solve their problems. Oy vey!


Could someone explain to me what the Bannon “vision” is? I know, disruption, hatred of establishment, elite, etc., but what exactly do they want? A world rid of brown people and Jews? Beyond that?


“I’d hate to think about where we would be without Sen. McConnell’s efforts. But I think we’ll learn from it, and we’ll adjust,” McConnell’s No. 2, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, said…

…visibly licking his lips and toying with the stiletto strapped to his leg.




John Thune, the man who knocked Tom Daschle out of the Senate, covered his mouth to hide a smirk.


Wait…could it be…the elusive…GOP in Disarray story? Get your cameras folks, you won’t want to miss this.


I just don’t get what the threat Roy Moore is to the GOP. Yea he’s a bat shit crazy lunatic but how exactly is that different than the rest of the GOP members in the house and senate? Looks like a win win for them to me.


Donny does understand that he can’t actually fire the Turtle, doesn’t he? Doesn’t he? Oh, wait…


I guess somebody thinks someone else coulda bullied McCain,Collins,Murkowski and Rand Paul to vote for it. Hogwash!

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What other Republican in the Senate could do any better or, to phrase it better, what other Republican in the Senate could do any worse? It’s like Ryan in the House: anyone pushing this legislative excrement is probably going to lose, especially with the backing of Trump, who’s about as loved and popular as Drano cocktails and gonorrhea-flavored jellybeans. The GOP is so used to having something to use to cover up their incompetence and pass their legislation - a terrorist attack on 9/11/2001, two people of the same sex getting married, etc. - that when these things don’t work anymore as scare tactics, they just do not know how to govern.
But we’ll all known that for decades. It’s the media that cannot - and, to please their RW employers, try not to - catch up to us. Just look at how we still have that fantasy stating that Republicans are better at international statecraft and the economy, when every time they get in power they put us into unwinnable and endless military quagmires and wreck the economy, and then the Dems have to come in and save everyone’s asses.
The GOP does not know what the hell they are doing, and haven’t since before the Depression, and the media should be screaming that from the rooftops.


$10 million down the drain. Imagine how many people that could have helped if it went to something good?


And from what I heard on “Breitbart”, McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao worked as a paid escort in Slovenia!

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Probably a pretty shitty vision. Have you seen his bloodshot eyes recently?

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As far as the eye can see.


The same know-nothingism that’s taken over the House has deeply infected the Senate in the Republican party.

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Erica writes: > Just as problematic for McConnell may be Moore’s arrival in the Senate, presuming he beats the Democrat in December’s general election.

So everyone says this person is going to be the next Senator from Alabama. No chance, right, for the Democrat to beat him.

The real election wasn’t yesterday though, so chances are excellent he can be beaten, if you try.

So, how to do it?

Just like the Goppers do it, attack his “strengths” and beat him down with it. Ask John Kerry how that works, eh.

What are Moore’s strengths, you ask? His overwhelming self-righteousness, and his slavish devotion to his religion.

Try this on for size (details to be corrected as needed, accuracy ain’t the thing anyway):

During Hurricane Irma Judge Moore’s friend and supporter Joel Osteen’s megachurch stood empty despite tens of thousands of Floridians desperate need for shelter. It took three days of pleading from Florida GOP Governor Scott and Democratic and Republican elected officials before Judge Moore’s friend and supporter Joel Osteen finally opened his church doors to shelter the victims of Irma. Judge Moore didn’t say a word even though it would have been the Christian thing to do.

I’m sure Judge Moore would have said something about those people deserving the storm because of their heathen and gay lifestyles, but is that really what a good Christian wants, for people to suffer? After all, there were plenty of innocent, god fearing people in the same boat as those people Moore condemns.

Judges and elected officials such as United States Senators are the Leaders in our States and Communities. They lead by example, but what kind of example does Judge Moore set when he repeatedly refuses to follow the laws of the land, and directions from his superiors in the State he aims to represent? Can he be trusted to follow the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution of the United States that he would swear an oath to defend and protect, given his past record of putting his religious beliefs above that of the Constitution of the United States of America?

Get it? Don’t try to ameliorate his behaviors, attack him for them. Show people just exactly who and what he is, a self righteous, pig headed, hypocrite who can’t be trusted to do the right and legal thing, and who will cost the good people of Alabama all sorts of grief and treasure were he to be elected as their State’s Representative in Congress. Remember that, he couldn’t follow his own states orders, how can he be expected to represent a state he doesn’t listen too?

Nope. This shit aint going away. You guys better make adjustments.

I meant to ask this today. I saw a picture this morning of Roy Moore’s mother reacting to his win. I thought that it couldn’t be his mother because he’s 70-ish.

How old is she?