Discussion: LISTEN: Trump Discusses Details Of Niger Raid With Comms Team In Omarosa Tape

He says “Nye-Zheer,” I say “Doe-Tard.”


Trump rambles, shows no desire to learn what happened in Niger, the fate of our soldiers, or any sympathy for the families. He’s doing a type of stand up act, and like the guy at the party who talks a lot of shit and introduces you to gateway drugs before he leads you to heroin, he lowers the moral bar for civil discourse and corrupts everyone around him. And then of course there’s always Hillary and Russia.

Great tape by Omarosa.


"The fool doth think he is wise; the wise man knows himself to be a fool." – Shakespeare


Thanks for that. My only curiosity about the tape was how he pronounced Niger, but I don’t have the strength of stomach to listen to find out.


Barstool loudmouth rambles on, not knowing a damn thing about the subject. I doubt he realizes there are Muslims in Africa. And the life and death of American military seems to matter no more than anything, anything at all, that isn’t about him. We’ve seen it before, and we’re seeing it again. This is what he’s really like—a buffoon and an empty shell. Shaking my head.


“What happens is now they flee, and they flee to Africa,” Trump is heard saying. “And they flee to Niger and shithole countries around there.”



“I don’t think I’d want to be a terrorist right now. It’s not a good life. But it’s the only thing— What else is there?”

Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?


All too true. And the fool that is Donald J Trump has no concept, not even a remote one, as to what wisdom is, much less the ability to identify a wise man or woman.


My first thought too. “I wouldn’t want to be a terrorist right now.”


“I don’t think I’d want to be a terrorist right now.”

“I think that I’ll wait until after this whole rigged witch hunt thing is over.”


I was also struck that he said the attackers were from the middle east. He also stated that terrorists are fleeing from the middle east to Africa. His know it all character is on display in this tape. He throws in that bit about Hillary which is totally disconnected from what he is talking about. He was holding court as if a king.


Rambling senile fool Trump spews incoherent nonsense to low level staffers.

It happens on every day ending with a “y”.


“Very junior staffers.”


What is equally intriguing is Omarosa’s intro to the tape, establishing the context as one of Trump wandering aimlessly around the West Wing, seemingly with nothing to do, and just dropping into the communications staff office and starting this ramble. She also said that after the Hilary riff, he brought some of that same staff and some others back to the Oval for more BS.

What the hell are we paying him and the callow youngsters for? They certainly are not doing anything constructive.


“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Mark Twain


I’ve always recorded my phone calls, my business meetings, etc. sometimes I ask, most times I don’t (New York is a one party State). I’ve never needed to use them ‘legally’, but most times a little .wav file of the conversation where there agreement was made is enough to ‘spur performance’.

I hate this, SWORE I would never do it, but today it’s a requirement!

I’ve been trying to get Best Buy to fix a 60” Samsung tv for the last two weeks. A third party repairman finally came out (after diagnosis via text-not kidding) and proceeded to destroy the new preamp/distro board by doing no less than 7 things wrong (plugging and unplugging power to board while powered up, touching contacts with fingers with full static buildup, etc) and then claim to his dispatch that it was DOA and that I was just complaining. …as he was speaking I cued up the video… They are replacing the set, it’s 4 years old. Full credit. I had video…

Last month, guy leaning on my car in parking lot, keys on his belt. Went out to ask him to move (after taking video), he denied everything, said he would sue me for slander (trump humper), I played him the video closeup of his keys scratching my car not 20 minutes earlier. Just got it back from the shop today…

I’m buying a 360 degree camera for the car next week. Wouldn’t you?


“We’ve let the military do what they have to do. And whether you call it rules of engagement or any way you want to say it, but we’ve let them do it.”

So much for civilian oversight, so much for acting within rules of engagement, so much for acting within the bounds of treaties or human decency. He brags that, unlike during the Obama administration, they don’t have to act with any restraint anymore, to the point that their targets have had to flee to shithole African countries where he and his minions can laugh at them. Never mind the dead Americans, when you can wring some yucks outta your crowd, amiright?


Gas lighting his own staffers.


Nutritional Labeling for Donald Trump
Ingredients: 95% Narcissistic puffery, 5% guile.