Discussion: Lindsey Graham: Don’t Count On The White House House To Have Your Back

Softer for who? For Republicans in 2020 or for people who need healthcare?


Ahh Declare! Oh my stars.
Did Miss Lindsay just stick a shiv In Mango Mussolini’s ribs.
Maybe payback for the debates ?
He sure as shit knows that dog of a bill ain’t going through his time.


President “Squirrel!” spent this morning retweeting a Russian MAGAbot and his pals on Fox & Friends. He’ll remember the Senate bill after finishing his KFC bucket, then promptly forget it when Reince stops by to give him his tongue bath.


“I don’t want to have to vote on this stinker of a bill one way or the other, but I’m from SC so I can’t criticize it directly, so I’ll knife it in the back”?

Hard to see Graham’s play on this. I think he’s a pretty tactically sound politician.



I would definitely be watching my back all the time if I voted for this. Bottom line: in addition to throwing 14 million people off Medicaid, TrumpCare is almost going to double the cost of your health insurance.


Oh, and don’t forget the “possible” use of “something awful” on Assad’s supposedly upcoming chemical attack.


I do declare you are right! Miss Lindsay knows that he’s impervious in his proud state so he takes every opportunity,


How does this qualify as news? That Lindsay figured it out? Pretty small story.

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This is how the Graham Cracker crumbles…

If McMaster had any hair on his head, he’d be pulling it out about now.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Monday that his colleagues can’t count on President Trump to stand up for the GOP Senate health care bill, if it comes down to it.

O prescient one. Tell me if Kushner will bring peace to the middle east.


And Lindsay should be the first to challenge Trumps campaign promise to leave medicare/medicade alone…

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…it has a softer transition.

Yup, yup. My brother in assisted living is looking at a lovely soft transition from his bed and daily help to the sidewalk. I’m not the least bit fond of this brother, but I don’t wish him to be softly transitioned to homelessness and helplessness. He’s not ready to be buried before the year is out, but that would be the result.

“Our bill is better" is not a strong endorsement when the comparison base is the House bill. Meanwhile, “It saves more money” is the true show of GOP sociopathy when saving dollars is a higher priority than providing adequate health care to all US citizens.

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if you count on the President to have your back, you need to watch it,” he

Old Orange Yeller…

It’s a “better bill,” because “it saves more money.” That’s Republicans in a nutshell. That’s all they care about - not the real problems of sick or elderly people - they don’t count, because if they had any gumption, they wouldn’t get sick!! And as for the elderly in nursing homes - didn’t the Eskimo’s have a good idea? Put them all out on ice floes and let them drift away to death.

No shit, Sherlock

Look who just figured out water is wet

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