Discussion: Libertarians Pick Ex-New Mexico Gov Johnson For President

And how many votes has he received in the primaries?


I heard Johnson on the radio today and he is claiming he can win in November. I think Devine and Weaver are moonlighting.

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…and they pick Gary Johnson? Uh, yup.

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(also to @bkmn: ) I just hope Bernie makes clear that the Libertarian ticket does not share his values. Johnson and Weld are refreshingly sane on dope and the “social” issues; but anyone who supports Sanders for his message of economic inequality and the need for aggressive government action to remedy it, which was supposedly the whole purpose of his campaign, has to know that a vote for them is a vote for the opposite of what he, and presumably his voters, stand for.


Things are getting exciting at the convention in Orlando.

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Here’s some exciting live footage…

Breaking: Libertarian Convention reaffirms two popular Gary Johnson memes:


Weld was picked as the Libertarian VP candidate on the 2nd ballot. Hooray for siphoning off of Trump…hopefully.

Thanks; I just awoke to that news. He very barely made it, with only 50.6% of the vote on that second ballot, but Johnson / Weld it now is. Both were popular two-term Republican governors, with more executive experience than either mainstream candidate. It is entirely likely that they will receive significant funding from the Koch brothers, and show up in the media a lot more than Libertarian candidates ever do. Trump has already begun his attack, in his inimitable style, saying “I don’t talk about his alcoholism” (addressing Weld). A far greater percentage of Libertarian inclined voters identify with the GOP over the democrats, and both Johnson and Weld have been much more critical of Trump than Clinton. They won’t win any electoral college votes, but they could easily do to Trump in swing states what Nader did to Gore. I’m thrilled.

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Whoring over interstate communications is illegal, dearie.

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Are you kidding? That guy just blew Johnson’s nascent campaign right out of the water!

From now on, when he meets someone and is like “Hi I’m Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president…”, the first thing people are going to say “Isn’t that the fat nude guy party?”.

It’s perfect! That political martyr has crippled the Libertarians for at least a couple more election cycles! :thumbsup:

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This is good, but they left out one of the more common Libertarians.

The Born on Third Thinks it Hit a Triple Trust-Fundy: The community college students who never did or will do anything remotely meaningful with themselves but get to play it like they’re John Galt because old money lets them. Although I think this cycle most of them are supporting Trump.

When did McAfee stop being a hunted fugitive and resolve his underlying legal situation and still have time to become a VP candidate for a fringe party?

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I just keep it simple and call them the Property Rights Over Human Rights party. The government is there to protect their property and to protect them from direct physical harm by other humans. The magic marketplace takes care of protecting them from pollution, unsafe products, monopolies, etc.

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It’s worth noting that during the debate they had before the nomination vote, Johnson was booed for saying that driver’s licenses are a good idea and selling heroin to five year olds is a bad one (that was apparently the actual question, not just legalization).

Well, obviously. If a family is going to send the 5-yr old out to earn an income (parents and employers, not the government, should decide if that is okay), you will probably need some chemical assistance to encourage the child, and probably some additional chemicals to keep them focused on the task. That’s real freedom, like nothing we’ve seen since the 1800s.

Now that’s targeted advertising.

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