Discussion: LePage: Eliminating Electoral College Would Make Whites ‘A Forgotten People’


Well, yeah, asshole.


I would like to forget LePage…


What if we tried to get votes without reference to skin color, asshole. I suspect most Americans have more in common with people of their economic class than with everybody with the same skin color.


On the merits, it is an incredibly stupid statement–minorities are by a definition a minority of the population. What it really means is that the electoral college overemphasizes the votes of predominantly white states like Maine, Wyoming, Nebraska, Alaska. It is gerrymandered to give disproportionate weight to whites.

Beyond that, it is the usual moronic, racist crap typical of LePage.

Isn’t he irrelevant now? When is he gone for good? Can we just ignore him now?


This guy is no outlier if you spend any time in New England’s own Alabama: Maine. I guess its the fault of nonwhites that your old mill towns are desolate wastelands full of (white) junkies that can’t hold down jobs.


Don’t the demographics suggest that soon, ‘white’ will be a minority? Then, they’ll be back on top, right?


…and the hoods have come off! Racism is BAU for this charlatan asshole.


Hey, I appreciate LePage being unabashed in saying out loud in public what many people hide away under a veneer of civility. It’s best when we know what everybody’s true motivations are.


Sounds like Maine is the Florida of the Northeast: You go North to get to the South.


Wow, and this guy was a governor. Sounds like LePuke is auditioning for Grand Dragon for his next act.


LePage told local radio station WVOM that the legislation would render him and other whites “a forgotten people.”

To which white people in Maine and every other State responded, in unison, “We’d be ok with that.

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Looks like Tucker Carlson has a new go-to guy on FoxNews.

Hey, Paul! Maybe you won’t have to take that job as the fry guy at the Chicken Deluxe after all!

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About f—-ing time

I wonder if Suzie Creamcheese should be concerned about this, seeing that there are probably 5 black people in Maine.


Um, Maine is actually bluer the Massachusetts with a Democratic governor and large Democratic majorities in the state legislature. LePig is gone and now lives in Florida. Why even quote the bastard?


why is any reputable media person finding and asking this racist bat-shit crazy asshole his opinion on anything?:skull:


The Electoral College is, to some extent, based on a fiction, and the makeup of the Senate is the whole megillah. The fiction was that the 13 colonies were surrendering their sovereignty in exchange for a place in the Union. Therefore, the smaller colonies needed some protection, in order not to be constantly outvoted by the larger colonies.

Even if you think that makes some sense - and the Founders certainly thought so - applying the same logic to the subsequently admitted States is just nonsense. There was no “Wyoming” until Congress created it. It had no sovereign identity. It wasn’t giving up anything in exchange for being admitted to the Union.

With the exception of Texas and Hawaii, and perhaps Utah, the remaining States don’t deserve “protection” from the majority. The only reason most of them are less populous than some of the other States is that Congress made them that way. Their residents don’t share some sort of noble history, in which like-minded individuals banded together to create a new, independent republic, and then agreed to give up some of their rights to join the Union.

The Electoral College is a fundamentally undemocratic institution, and it should be jettisoned, in favor of direct popular election of the President and Vice-President. And I can’t imagine any way to reform the Senate. Maybe we should turn it into a “House of Lords,” with the power to delay legislation, but not actually to block it. Or just dump it, in favor of a unicameral legislature.


I always knew that LePage was vicious and stupid, but I supposed I assumed–wrongly–that he could do basic arithmetic. No more.


This white person would happily forget about LePage.