Discussion: Lena Dunham Defends Decision To Describe Her Sexual Assault In Memoir

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I can’t understand the right’s obsession with tearing this woman down. All she does is make us laugh on TV and open herself up to helping others with issues she’s previously dealt with.

It’s enough already let this woman live.

You’re complaining about how Republicans are treating you, but that’s the way Republican/Capitalist are! It’s not about the topic, it’s about wining!

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I’m sure there are Capitalists that are also Democrats.

No defense should be needed.

If all women who have been assaulted were to go public, this would be a very different discussion.
When such matters are kept private, each individual woman thinks that the situation arose because of something they did – looked too pretty, walked too bold, trusted too much, too careless… etc. But if all assaults were acknowledged it’s be clear that the problem is in how we raise our boys.

Dunham’s publisher, Random House, said this week that it would tweak future editions of “Not That Kind Of Girl” to clarify that “Barry,” the student who Dunham says raped her, was a pseudonym and not the student’s actual name. There was a student named Barry who attended Oberlin at the same time as Dunham and was a well-known Republican, but through his lawyer that Barry said he’d never met Dunham.

That’s a pretty big coincidence.

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