Discussion: Legal Implications Of Secret Tape Against Trump Or Cohen Unclear

Yep, the former general counsel to the National Republican Senatorial Committee is a perfectly natural unbiased source for AP to be quoting.


A matter of intent? BS, shielding him from his wife or the public, why not both? Anyone with half a mind knows what is important to Trump anyway, and certainly isn’t the woman.


Great photo for this story. It looks like Trump has stepped in Dog sh#t as he deboards Airforce One. The Grimmace/
“Geez - makes me want to hold my nose” look - is a visual metaphor both for the story - and for his damn presidency. Except it is a very, very, very mild and minimizing metaphor for the latter.

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Trumps Proctologist has ordered a complete body scan, results pending!

He’s frightened of stairs.

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He did that when he came down the escalator at donnie Tower …

he’s just now noticing it ----