Discussion: Leaders Meet For Summit In Scene Surreal As A 'Science Fiction Movie'

Fiction will more likely continue. I can’t believe Trump said he now has a very special bond with Kim. How sincere is that statement?


I notice our flag wasn’t flown highest, like it’s supposed to be. Hypocrisy is banal and all, but I don’t suspect any of the Russian loving, Fakebook spam bots will have any bullshit to spam about it.

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The only thing going through tRump’s few brain cells was “Now I’ll get my Nobel prize.”

Unfortunately, this may become reality:

I have serious doubts about that, especially now that he has attacked Canada, France, and Germany.

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As sincere as any thing else that comes out of Trump’s pie hole. But he does love him some dictators so maybe he really means it.

That’s a bookmaker taking advantage of the incomplete knowledge of the public to take in bets on Trumpp at odds that reduce the risk for the bookmaker.

It is possible, even likely, that Trumpp isn’t eligible to win the prize in December 2018 (your link notes that the odds apply to the December announcement). He would have had to be nominated by a qualified nominator by January 31 of this year.

Even if Trumpp is a nominee for the 2018 award, the decision rests with a Nobel Committee that won’t be much affected by populist sentiment in the US and Europe. They won’t be likely to award a peace prize to someone who tweeted about having a bigger nuclear button without seeing some really importance peace-building effects from that person’s actions. To date, Trump has simply defused the tension he stirred up. North Korea has retained all of its weapons and technology, and hasn’t agreed to any inspections or monitoring or restrictions.

More importantly, the Nobel Committee will be well aware of Trumpp’s efforts to wreck an agreement of real substance with Iran. John Bolton could do nothing but twitch his mustache in frustration as his boss played footsie with Kim, but he knows that Trumpp is already on his side when it comes to Iran. I’m anticipating that the White House and the official GOP news agency will be telling us many stories about Iran’s support for ISIS (which they wouldn’t support) and other terrorists as we approach the November elections. We might even have to ship some troops out to some forward base in the weeks before the election.