Discussion: Lawsuit: CA Woman Says Cops Beat Her In Front Of Her Children For A Seat Belt Violation

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Police abusing their power are more dangerous than criminals. The penalties for assault by a policeman should be twice the penalties for assault by a civilian.


¨CA Woman Says Cops Beat Her In Front Of Her Children For A Seat Belt Violation¨

They were going to keep her safe if it killed her.


How in the world do these things get started? This woman in her pink summer sleeveless sheath dress and sandals who hasn’t seen serious physical exercise in many years gets dragged out of her car over a seat belt violation? From another source:

She says it all started after she asked a Carlsbad police officer what was going on as he stood in front of a car with its doors open and the vehicle’s alarm blaring. “And he says, ‘Is this your car?’ And I said, ‘No, sir.’ And he says, ‘Then mind your own [expletive] business,’ ” she said. Stunned, Hahn says she told a man nearby what the officer said and together they decided she should do something about it so she started to take video. She alleges that the officer continued cursing at her, which led her to call police to report him. She then left. Moments later, Hahn says that same officer pulled her car over she for a seat belt violation she was told.Within seconds she says she was pinned to the ground. She alleges that things got more violent when backup arrived…


SHE’LL think Twice about NoT wearing a SEatbeLT. SOmeTIMEs POLIce NEED to BEAT pEOPLE into LAw ABIDING citizENs. Facts are faCTS, LIbtards!1!!!one!!1!!!


Look at the photo; look how he’s pulling back to get a good punch in. Look at how his colleagues are abetting him rather than stopping him.

This was a blonde white woman, folks. Will this help white folk see that if they don’t try to get it stopped when it’s happening to black folk, then it’s coming for them at some point?


This is what out of control government looks like in suburban California.


Uh oh white lady now all bets are off. Where the cop apologists blaming it on being a sketchy black kid?


I keep wondering, are these officers on drugs? Steroids? Testosterone? This behavior passes over the clinical criteria for impulse control. I bet they could not pass basic executive/self control tasks. Someone mouths off to you and you beat them up? What are the police departments doing to create such a culture of violence?


This is tragic and unwarranted. I could understand such treatment if she wheeled a cart brimming with groceries into the “10 Items Or Less” checkout lane. Summary execution is too lenient for that scofflaw.


To Protect And Serve And Beat The Shit Out Of You Then Blame You For It.



Looking the other way.


The precinct televisions are locked onto Fox News.


I disagree with doubling the penalty. I suspect if they were held to the same standard as the average citizen (which they haven’t been) this crap would end fairly quickly. Moreover, I hope body cams may have an effect as well.


Another problem is their need for excitement, an adrenaline rush.

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Cindy Jahn’s father is a retired policeman. Was that a factor in this assault?

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“…city of Carlsbad, whose attorneys responded that they saw “no problem” with the officers’ behavior.” What the foul ball tape were you watching and why do these attorneys or the cops involved have jobs? Every one of you conspired to file a false report to get this lady charged for getting beaten. So sick of this, every officer involved should be in prison for assault, false reporting, and failure to report a crime.


“a coastal city of 110,000 people north of San Diego”

Well, duh. Isn’t SD the reddest part of CA?

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I always sort of thought it was common knowledge: pigs love coke.