Discussion: Lawmakers: Migrant Teen Tent City To Stay Open Another Month

Sure, cause nothing says conservative compassion than forcing separated teens to live in tents in West Texas during the hottest part of the year…


Lawmakers: Migrant Teen Tent City To Stay Open Another Month

Also gives them more time to hide the bodies so to speak, the abuse, etc. It also allows them to “lose” those they have refused to reunite into more maze.

Question is why?


Trafficking is my 1st, 2nd and 3rd guess as how can they ask all those nice white folks who provided “fostering” to send their servant/slave back. They paid good money for the “privilege” can’t have The Dumpster welch on a deal, he has never done that in all his “business” career.


No point keeping it open once the weather starts cooling.

Pack those tents up and ship them to North Dakota. It’s a border state, too, right?


Don’t give them any ideas or the next kids will be there for the winter.


It’s going to take that long to shut down Ivanka’s sweat shop? I thought she had no more purchase orders left.


Too bad this isn’t where they took Session to eat.


When are they going to investigate and hold accountable those who decided to split parents and kids without keeping track?
My money is on never.


Accountability seems to only apply to underlings.


If so many adults have already been deported … and so many children reportedly reunited with their families… then the extra tent cities shouldn’t be needed anymore, right? Old facilities should no longer be over capacity… right??


I notice that the government spokesperson’s name is Marriott. Is he there on purpose? To lend “gravitas” to the government’s hospitality?

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And since the capacity of the old facilities is 2000, the implication is that over 2000 children are still separated from their parents?

Does this jive with what we’ve been “told” about the progress of reunification thus far?


Texas lawmakers say they have been told atemporary tent shelter in far West Texas for immigrant minors will stay open another month.


Is that the opposite of “temporary,” as in permanent?

That’s also the smart money.

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I think that it’s a typo. His real last name is Iddiott.

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I see S Miller’s prints all over this fiasco, I hope it has reached deep into voters even his deplorable base that 1. yeah, they came illegal, but 2. you don’t have a right to snatch kids away from parents and treat them like the horrible country they left. The miles in the desert, the hardship bringing your babies for the hope of a better life, the promise of America, the nation of immigrants. blah blah,

Make no mistake this is stunt is all about the upcoming Census. Let this serve as a deterrant to all you in swarthy types.

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