Discussion: Lawmakers May Investigate Chris Christie Over Free Cowboys Tickets

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At least he makes sensible, worthwhile blunders, Doh!
Imagine the stupidity once he isn’t running for Prez.

Pass the popcorn! It’s all well and good for Christie to aver that he has done nothing wrong. Let’s see what someone ELSE has to say about it. I’m so sick and tired of his bullying, lies and obvious corruption. Let’s ensure that his politicial future begins and ends in New Jersey. He’s a shameful excuse for an executive.

It seems the corruption is now so accepted they have no need of shame. Nothing that some jail time won’t cure, except ol Bob Ultrasound got off easy…

They didnt like that pass interference call either…

This is much bigger than the bridge thing because he is directly linked to it, and it’s well documented. David Patterson got a $62k fine for soliciting and accepting Yankee Tickets. This seems to go much further since a company Jones is a major investor in was promoted by Christie for a very lucrative contract.

Sure they’ll investigate…

to see how he managed it.

Someday he will piss off the wrong guy or woman that is in the right position to take him down. A list is being kept I am sure and when they decide, He will be eaten alive. I’m betting around march of 2016 his days of dreaming will turn into nightmares. I can’t wait. lol