Discussion: Lawmakers Become Increasingly Frustrated With WH Lax Nominee Vetting

Lawmakers Become Increasingly Frustrated With WH Lax Nominee Vetting…

But the Republicans (and Manchin and Heitcamp, etc.) will vote for them anyway.


Hogan Gidley on NPR this morning was all in on Jackson, but lukewarm on Pruitt.

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I think I know how those lawmakers feel.


Susan, you’ll waffle on the confirmation, but in the end, a personal “promise” from the President will have you voting yes.

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What vetting? Having to pick up the pieces after impulsive decisions doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

Yeah, me too. But if you’d done your jobs right the first time, you wouldn’t have to do them again.

Your complaint begs the question from your constituents: what else have you got to do? It’s not like you’re accomplishing anything in the other facets of your job…

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Worst. Executive. Ever. No ability. No intelligence. No sense.


And still Trump persisted…

Cornyn, Thune: Delays are “a new low” for the confirmation process? That is so rich I have to take a Pepcid, coming from the mouths of folks for whom delay and refusal to even consider Democratic nominees has always been an art form.

And even when they are presented with absolutely disastrous nominees like Price (it was already known he was playing the stock market with insider information), Carson (absolutely no qualifications for the job), Pruitt – (massive conflicts of interest with the industries EPA was supposed to regulate), etc etc., Republicans have repeatedly given these folks a pass as just wonderful folks and the cream of the crop.

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For men who claim that government should be run like a business, they sure don’t act like it. Yes, that’s what you do in a business, you have a job interview. In this way, you see if the candidate has the right qualities that you want to have to make your business run efficiently and smoothly. So, you might not want to just take the first guy off the street that your boss - who everyone hates and grumbles about and has alienated 75% of your customers - is telling you should head up the accounting department.

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Discussion: Lawmakers Become Increasingly Frustrated With WH ̶L̶a̶x̶ ̶ Non-Existent Nominee Vetting

slight correction to article title


I seem to remember that in the week run-up to the GOP convention in 2016, amidst reports of a possible rebellion among Cruz delegates, that increasingly McConnell (and I believe, Ryan as well) repeatedly tried avert any such rebellion by quelling never trumpers and uneasy repub delegates concerned about Trump’s … er… demeanor - by strongly affirming that the Congress would step up and do it’s job as a coequal part of government if/when needed.

I can’t think of a single time that has happened by the leadership. Case in point:

“Look,” McConnell said, “it’s up to the administration to do the vetting.”

Abject capitulation, from the guy who denied a president a Supreme Court nomination.

Mitch, your pwned. By a clown and international laughingstock.