Discussion: Launching Campaign, Sanders Says 'We're Not Going To Concede One State' To Trump

Yawn. I won’t pay much attention to Bernie until it comes time for him to concede and endorse the nominee.


You’re not winning “the confederacy” Bernie. We haven’t forgotten or forgiven


You got that right.


I want to concede Utah to Trumpp, so the smiling Mormons who come to my door will have Utah’s strong support for Trumpp to answer for, in addition to answering for the church support for the anti–gay marriage Prop 8 in California.

I’m not nasty about it (I save the nasty up for use on telephone scammers). The missionaries I’ve met have all been calm, as committed to listening as they are to talking, and able to tolerate hearing the views of someone who strongly disagrees with them. I’m just not going to let them ignore that supposedly “personal” religious beliefs aren’t personal when they are supporting harmful government policies.


“the most dangerous president in modern American history.”

He still refuses to admit that Russia used him to help drump win?

Then F em.


Russia used pretty much everybody, including people who post in online forums.


call me old fashioned, but I still think that the Democratic Party Nominee for President should be, you know, an actual Democrat.


No. He does not refuse that. Show your work. He’s never claimed that. Bernie derangement syndrome is as serious as other derangements, you know. Be careful about what you choose to believe. You may prove to be Ill. And I’m not even a Bernie Bro. I just see the derangement where it is.

Lotta crazy anti bernie stuff with no backup on this thread. Weird. Thought we were smarter here than over on daily Kos.


Sorry, the only re-runs I watch are Andy Griffith, and I think Bernie is even older than him.

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When has he conceded that? When have any of his supporters conceded that?

Whether Sanders admits it or not, the uncontroverted data say that is so. The Bernie version of what happened here in Michigan is a fantasy. 47,000 Sanders supporters on the primaries voted for Trump in the General election.

That wad the ball game. That was 4 times the margin of victory here. Even before that, over 200,000 votes went to Stein and Johnson. We have Stein supporters every election but nothing like 2016. Those were primarily Sanders supporters protest votes.

I spent a lot of time at the Daily Kos in 2015 and 2016 until the Bernie Bros made it uninhabitable.

Until the party of Registered Democrats comes to grips with the data from August 2016 about the voting patterns of Sanders supporters then, it stays in the clear and present danger that Sanders will do just what he did in 2016. Sanders is, bottom line, unreliable in defeat. He couldn’t deliver his voters for Clinton and he won’t for anyone not him in 2020.


They didn’t use me. They didn’t use any TPM commenters in 2016 that I could see. What’s your point?


I was reading TPM comments in 2016. You are mistaken. They may not have realized that they were being used, and perhaps even still don’t realize it, but we are serving their purposes every time we post knee-jerk responses that just foment division amongst ourselves and fail to be thoughtful and substantive.


Didja read the backup provided in post #2 in this thread?

Now that March is here,I expect we’ll get a few more candidacy announcements in the next couple of weeks. I think Beto and Biden are running. Not too sure about Sherrod Brown.

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The hand wringing among these commenters is bizarre. 2020 is a battle of ideas. Ignoring the progenitor of current Democratic policy proposals seems like a bad idea if you’re interested in beating Sanders. Crazy to ignore the current front runner among declared candidates. Every other campaign feels like its already fizzled out.

Yeah…you go with that on March 2nd.


I’m very old. If he isn’t kicked out of office first, I hope to vote THE WORLD-WIDE ASSHOLE out of government and see him enter prison and made penniless. It’s one of the things that keeps my ornery ass alive. However, I am concerned about the future nominee of the Democratic Party. Why? Because the last time We The People elected someone who offered socialist programs – which are not inherently bad, IMO, and you can read my defense of socialist programs in other threads here – that politician initially appeared as a centrist. I am not talking about Obama (who I greatly miss), or Clinton, or Carter, of Kennedy, or Truman. I am talking about FDR. He offered us Social Security as a starter.

Unless the media truthfully paints Trump as the menace that he really is, I don’t see the Democrats safely winning with someone who does not appear to be Center to Center-Left. Anyone further Left than that involves significant risk.

I sure as hell don’t want four more years of the despicable monster in the White House.


They didn’t not use nearly 66 million people who voted for Clinton. And they did not use a single person running today in Democratic primaries - with the exception of Sanders.

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